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is as entrancing as it is traumatizing, but one thing it offers (in spades) is addiction — not at all dissimilar to the technology it depicts.

Men Against Fire: Pick an apple
Men Against Fire: Pick an apple

Its vision of an overcast, not-too-distant future has been making audiences look sideways at their phones since it first crawled from the mind of Charlie Booker in 2011. However, since the release of Season 3 to last month, it has finally leapt from cult favorite to one of the most watched shows this year.

It critiques issues like social media, video game violence and our intimate relationship with technology in a way that feel uncomfortably close to reality. Each episode is a unique narrative and at face value, they seem completely independent of each other. But (perhaps) not so!

There is a longstanding theory that all episodes exist in the same universe, and it seems that the insane amount of detail in Season 3 is a mole mine for supporting evidence.

Playtest: Wack A Mole
Playtest: Wack A Mole

But why should you believe me? You definitely shouldn’t, which is why I’ve made a video called "All Black Mirror Season 3 Easter Eggs Ready For You To Make A Decision On Whether Or Not All Black Mirror Episodes Exist In The Same Universe."

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit that on screen, so for now we’ll just pretend the title is the same as this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Black Mirror Season 3

What evidence do you think connects all of the Black Mirror seasons together?


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