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The replacement of former Showtime head Robert Greenblatt hailed in a period of mass changes at the premium cable network. We've already lost Weeds and The Big C, while Dexter is fast approaching its final eighth season. Now, it seems we can also add Neil Jordan's The Borgias to the casualty list.

The Borgias, which was originally slated to last four seasons, will officially end with the season 3 finale. The main impetus for the decision seems to stem from the fact Showtime has another Vatican based drama on the way. Although The Vatican, starring Friday Night Lights' , is set in the modern day, it seems Showtime do not want their schedule clogged up with two similar religious themed shows.

Showtime president David Nevins had this to say:

It has been an honor to work with the great Neil Jordan and the incomparable Jeremy Irons on The Borgias. Neil has written nearly every episode of this series himself. His extraordinary storytelling combined with Jeremy's fascinating portrayal of the infamous Pope Alexander VI, has made for truly outstanding television that will live on. I look forward to future collaborations.

I think it's fair to say The Borgias has had a pretty good run. It averaged around 2.4 million viewers an episode and also racked up 10 Emmy nominations. I certainly had a friend in my uni dorms who wouldn't shut up about it.

Recently we reported that creator Neil Jordan ideally wanted to end the series with a 2-hour film. At the moment, that wish doesn't look like it's been fulfilled. But who knows what the future holds? Jordan himself added:

I never thought I would make a cable series and have enjoyed every minute of it. For a variety of reasons we won't be doing a fourth season, but, "The Prince" [the final episode], when I wrote it and shot it, did seem like the end of a journey for the family. Whatever bonded them as a family dies in this episode, and the center of the drama for me was always the family. I want to thank Showtime and David Nevins for their unstinting support over the last three years, and look forward to working with them in the future.

So, although the series will not end as originally planned, at least it sounds like the main story will be given some kind of conclusion.

What do you think? Are you upset to see The Borgias leave so soon, or would you prefer it made way for some fresh blood? Let us know below.


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