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The Originals began its forth and final season last week with a time jump, new characters and a very different version of New Orleans. Last we saw Klaus Mikaelson and his family, things weren't looking so bright and shiny for them. Unfortunately, based on the new Season 4 premiere, things will be a lot worse until they turn better.

From trying to overthrow Marcel and become king of New Orleans in Season 1, to having a hybrid baby and falling in love with a bartender in Season 2, Klaus has seen his share of fights and loss in The Originals. Let's take a moment and look back at the best moments that Season 3 had to offer, preparing ourselves for when Season 4 takes off.

1. Bloodlines Matter

Tristan threatens Freya Mikaelson 'The Originals' Season 3 [Credit: CW]
Tristan threatens Freya Mikaelson 'The Originals' Season 3 [Credit: CW]

As taught us, all existing vampires were made by one of the Original family, the Mikaelsons. If an Original were to ever bite the dust, then every vampire sired by that Original would cease to exist as well.

In The Originals Season 3, the remaining Mikaelson siblings were each hunted down by the other's progenies in an attempt to leave a single bloodline standing. The Mikaelsons had to survive many sacrifices, schemes and battles in the process, but, in the end, the Original family emerged victorious together.

2. The Ancestor Witches Are Gone

Vincent becomes coven leader 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]
Vincent becomes coven leader 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]

New Orleans is a magic city in The Originals for many reasons, and one of them — the Ancestors — was obliterated in Season 3. The Ancestors controlled and inhabited 'the other side', as the ancestors of all New Orleans' witches. Their magic was so strong that the Quarter witches drew energy from the Ancestors whenever a spell was too powerful for a single witch to handle.

The sireline war was the final drop that broke Davina's shaky alliance with the Ancestors and, ultimately, forced her to destroy the 'other side' — hence putting an end to the Ancestors themselves. In the aftermath, Vincent emerged as the new coven leader, taking control of all the witches in New Orleans.

3. Davina Claire Is Dead

Davina paid her dues 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]
Davina paid her dues 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]

Determined to retrieve her beloved Cole Mikaelson back from 'the other side', Davina tempted her fate — and changed her loyalties — way too many times for the Ancestors' sake. Eventually, Davina fell out of grace with them and lost her position as the head of the Quarter Witches when she finally succeeded in bringing Kol Mikaelson back.

Their romance was short-lived though, as the Ancestors cursed Kol before he escaped — imbuing him with a maniacally urge to try and murder Davina. Despite their efforts to break it, the curse eventually caused the desired effect, and Kol took Davina's life.

4. Klami Almost Had A Happy Ending

Klaus came really close to his happily ever after 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]
Klaus came really close to his happily ever after 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]

As far as psychotic and emotionally inept people go, Klaus Mikaelson is the perfect posterboy. Prior to The Originals, Klaus tested his footing in romance with Caroline Forbes and centuries before that with the equally broken Aurora. The Originals then offered Klaus yet another attempt at love with Camille, his psychologist and 'biographer', who also multitasked at bartending.

Cami represented Klaus's link to humanity, as she constantly questioned his morals and decisions to lead him on a brighter path and help him to make better choices. It was actually kind of sweet to see Cami succeed in breaking the almighty Klaus but, with Cami's death in the sireline war, Klaus is back to being the coldblooded — and now utterly vengeful — murderer he's always been.

5. New Orleans Has A New King

Marcel rules the Quarter again 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]
Marcel rules the Quarter again 'The Originals' [Credit: CW]

The "always and forever" family motto has worked precariously for the Mikaelsons over the centuries, but it has hardly worked at all for those surrounding the family. Marcel Gerard is the perfect example of someone who was caught in the Mikaelson family drama and, until Season 3, he played his due part as Klaus's own meek and obedient progeny.

However, tired of seeing the destruction and constant wars that the Mikaelsons brought to his city, Marcel turned the tables on his 'adoptive family' — especially on his sire, Klaus. In a coup with the witches, Marcel daggered Elijah, Cole, Rebekah and Freya, saving the cursed dagger — the one that keeps someone awake and in misery — for Klaus. Now, Marcel has retaken his city, renewed his pact with the witches and is, once more, ruling New Orleans.

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Season 4 of The Originals will be the show's last, following a time jump of five years between the third and fourth seasons. In New Orleans, there's peace between witches and vampires once more, with Vincent leading the witches and Marcel owning the streets again, all while torturing Klaus in the process. Hayley and her daughter Hope are in the wind, protecting the remaining Mikaelson family who lay daggered in their coffins.

Check out The Originals trailer for Season 4:

There's a lot more to cover in the final season of The Originals if the show aims to offer some closure to each characters' arc. However, if the recent finale for The Vampire Diaries is any indication, The Originals' creator and producer Julie Plec will no doubt do the Mikaelsons justice.

What are you most excited to see in The Originals final season?


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