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Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, who are more popularly known as Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. The Winter Soldier) and Sam Wilson (a.k.a. Falcon) in the MCU, hardly see eye to eye on-screen. However, the two actors are pretty good friends off-screen. They even have a shared interest: trolling Tom Holland. Holland's might be winning hearts worldwide thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that hasn't stopped his Civil War co-stars from ripping the sh*t out of him in the press.

Variety caught up with Mackie and Stan at the D23 Expo and asked them whether they had watched Homecoming. Mackie had a quick response to the question.

"No! I don't see Tom Holland movies."

Stan joined in, saying that he would probably watch it when it comes out on iTunes. Mackie then joked that would probably watch it on airplane, because Holland's acting style blends with watching it on an airplane. Stan even suggested that Holland needs to get his voice down, and Mackie agreed by saying that Holland's "squeaky voice" is "too much."

This is not the first time Stan and Mackie have trolled Holland. It all started while promoting Civil War, when ScreenRant asked them what they did to make the new guys (Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland) feel welcome. Mackie clarified immediately that Tom's an a**hole.

"Listen, Tom’s a little a**hole, all right? So let’s start there. All right. So Tom’s an asshole. Lot of gel, lot of mousse. He has like .. you know, we have RDJ in the movie. RDJ is RDJ. Tom has his own base camp, he has like an entourage, a bunch of little bitty five-foot motherf***ers with accents walking around with him .. it’s a lot, man. He’s a lot to deal with. And you know, he’s like .. he’s just a lot.

And when asked whether he would want to be in a Spider-Man movie, Mackie's answer was short and simple.

"I have no desire to hang out with Tom."

While they do keep a straight face in each of the interviews, it should be made clear that they mean absolutely none of it. But we do have to wonder why the two actors have decided to troll Tom Holland specifically. Maybe they still aren't over the fact that Spider-Man got the better of Bucky and Falcon in Captain America: Civil War. We would love to hear what Holland has to say about Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie trolling him over and over again.

Do you think Tom Holland's "gotta get that voice down" and that his "squeaky voice" is "too much"? Let us know in the comment section down below.

(Source: ScreenRant)


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