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Some games seem like never-ending fountains of wondrous discoveries that'll continue to surprise you throughout the years, but I don't think a lot of people would categorize Donkey Kong 64 as one of those. It's the very first 3D game featuring our favorite gorilla hero, and yes, the game has a lot of collectibles and small secrets, but it was, after all, created for the Nintendo 64, so its complexity has to be rather limited.

Or not. Because information has emerged that a hidden Rainbow Coin has been collected in the 17-year-old game for the very first time, proving that this old gem still hides secrets for players to discover.

The Rainbow Coin in question was discovered by speedrunner Isotarge who currently holds the third place in the world for speedrunning Donkey Kong 64 in the Any% All Keys category, and sixth in regular Any%.

During one of his trailblazing runs through the game, he was using a specific program that could discover hidden and possibly exploitable glitches in the game, and it made him aware of the hidden coin.

Apparently, Isotarge has found hidden items in Donkey Kong 64 before, but they've all been out of bounds, as they were simply leftovers from development. This recently discovered Rainbow Coin is totally legit and obtainable in a normal playthrough.

Hidden In Plain Sight

The reason why the Rainbow Coin has stayed hidden for so long is simple. It is, like many other collectibles in the game, hidden in a dirt pile on the ground, which you have to slam in order to unlock. This particular dirt pile is located in some of the tall grass though, which has made it impossible for people to know it was there; unless they were using a 3rd party program like Isotarge or slammed it by accident.

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As mentioned in Isotarge's tweet, the exact location of the coin is in Fungi Forest, through the blue tunnel, near the mill. Go into the tall grass and slam the ground like crazy or watch this video for even more specific directions:

With the discovery of the new coin, various speedrunning categories that include collecting all coins must now include the new coin, and old records that do not include the hidden coin will no longer count for world records in those categories. Which means someone has to do their perfect run all over if they intend on keeping their rank on the speedrunning world ladder of Donkey Kong 64. Doh!

Props to Isotarge for digging up such an ancient secret. Have you discovered any hidden collectibles yourself?


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