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He may be currently winning over our hearts portraying Jughead Jones in Riverdale but Cole Sprouse also has an impressive side gig in fashion photography. The 24-year old has been acting for most of his life, alongside twin brother Dylan. Easily recognizable for their roles in Big Daddy and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, the two are currently on their own career paths, but very much still involved in the industry.

is currently filming the second season of , reprising his role as the always brooding fan-favorite Jughead. During his time off screen he can be found behind a different kind camera, working as a photographer for fashion shoots. If you follow Sprouse on Instagram, you will be familiar with some of the projects he has worked on, most recently a campaign for W Magazine featuring Game of Thrones star .

The stunning shots prove that this is not just an ordinary hobby; Sprouse has an eye for composition and legitimate cred. His Instagram account is basically a top-notch portfolio for his creative talents behind the lens. The account features beautiful shots of landscapes, personal shots, and various pictures for ad campaigns. Sprouse has also photographed a few other celebrities including and Riverdale co-stars and , among many others.

This may not come as a surprise to anyone close to the actor since he has shared that he would be a full-time photographer if it weren't for acting. Sprouse studied humanities and archaeology at NYU, which he channels through his passion for photography.

Capturing a person's emotion through a camera takes a lot of skill and could explain why Sprouse is an expert at taking photos with fans. I recently attended Wizard World's stop in Philadelphia, which included appearances by Sprouse along with other Riverdale cast members. I've never seen a celebrity at a convention spend so much time taking wildly fun pictures with fans, clearly pointing at his playful personality and comfortable nature around cameras.

Fans can expect Riverdale to be around for some time, but if that changes we have no doubt Sprouse has a photography career to fall back on.

Riverdale returns for its second season, October 11, 2017 on The CW.

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