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Mark Newton

Ip Man might sound like a superhero who is very particular about intellectual property rights (geddit?), but he is in fact the martial arts master who taught Bruce Lee how to kick copious amounts of ass. You can now see his story stylishly retold in ’s The Grandmaster.

The film has already debuted in its native Hong Kong, where initial reviews suggest it's going to be one hell of a great kung fu movie. Personally, I think it looks like a great mix of traditional martial arts, with an Eastern film noir twist. Well, they're wearing cool hats and occasionally fight in the rain. That's film noir, right?

Today, you can see what I mean in these three behind-the-scenes videos. Unfortunately, all the interviews and subtitles are in Chinese; however, they give a great look at the film's tone, style, and fight training. Check them out below:

(via Twitch)

The Grandmaster stars (Infernal Affairs), , and . It has already been released in China, and we can expect it to hit the Berlin Film Festival next month. At the moment there is no official US release date, but if it proves a success in Berlin, then we just might get it in the not too distant future. Why not [[follow]] the movie to find out exactly when that is?


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