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Mark Newton

Fans were no doubt disappointed to hear the news that Carrie's release had been pushed back to October 18, 2013. Originally, the remake of the classic Stephen King-inspired horror was due on March 15th, unfortunately we now have a nine month wait until we can see it. Well, at least it'll be out at Halloween...

Luckily, not all fans have been rendered immobile by this news. Today the internet received a brand new Carrie poster which shows in all of her terrifying mother glory. Some outlets are reporting this poster has come straight from the bigwigs at MGM and Sony, although others claim it is 'officially fan-made'. You can certainly grab a look at it over on deviantArt, which suggests it's probably the latter. In any case, it's a pretty awesome-looking poster, for an increasingly awesome-looking movie. Fan-made or not, it deserves your eyes attention. Check it out below:

Carrie is directed by Boy's Don't Cry director . Moore co-stars with , and . You can expect it in theaters from October 18th, 2013.


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