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Mark Newton

It's pretty hard to choose your favorite Die Hard movie. I mean, okay, so we can obviously knock Live Free Or Die Hard out of the competition straight away, but in a toss up between Die Hard and Die Hard With A Vengeance, it's just too close to call. Both are brilliant films for different reasons.

In a straight up competition, Die Hard might just take the lead, mostly because Die Hard 3's ending was a bit lackluster. John McClane shoots some cables which luckily land on Simon's helicopter, causing it to crash. It was certainly a bit anti-climatic. Even director had a problem with it, which is probably why he filmed a much superior alternative ending. In this scene McClane tracks down Simon to a German bar, his nemesis now cornered, John turns the tables and instigates a deadly game of 'McClane says'. Check it out below:

(via Youtube)

OK, so this scene isn't exactly as explosive as the one we saw, but at least McClane got to take on Simon face-to-face. Which ending do you prefer? Let us know below.

If you want to see how A Good Day to Die Hard fairs against the rest of the franchise, you can catch it in theaters now!


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