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Abi Toll

Last weeks episode of the The Walking Dead left us trying to interpret what was going through The Governor's head after the final shot was of his lingering deathly stare.

Star , aka The Governor, spoke to Inside TV along with regarding what we should expect this Sunday. The episode follows up his escapades since the massacring of his own where David Morrissey told Inside TV:

Whether he’s embracing that person or fighting that person. That is what we will see. He’s changed. He’s definitely changed. That is fair to say. And what we will see is where that change has taken him.

Look at these pictures showing some seriously strong poses of the Governor in the next episode. He looks like he's definitely plotting something to me. See what you can deduce from them.

Morrissey continued to tell Inside TV that:

The loss of his daughter has done something terrible to his brain. That’s the fight he will have going forward... Because they really know now — it’s that cliché of 'you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry' — there’s a sense from him that he knows where his anger can take him. And that’s his battle. And will certainly be his battle in season 4.

Scott Gimple mentioned in his interview with Inside TV that:

He was quite proud of what he had done. He was very comfortable in the identity he had forged for himself, and the purpose that gave him. Being stripped away of all these things brings him down to the core of who he is.

Man, it sounds like the Governor is going to get existential in the next season, battling his own demons as well as others.

Where do you think his battles with fury will take him?



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