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I'll be mostly watching the 2014 Super Bowl this year for the awesome new movie trailers and celebrity-infused commercials. But, there's one you won't be seeing on your small screens this year, and that's Scarlett Johansson's super-seductive Super Bowl commercial for SodaStream, which was banned from airing during the upcoming game.

Check it out and see her smokin':



With Coke and Pepsi being major Super Bowl advertisers, Fox actually banned the advert from TV so as not to risk upsetting them, rather than for Scarlett's sultry skills.

SodaStream, you want a viral video? Take out any mention to competing brands and get Scarlett Johansson to pour that stuff all over her naked body. Guaranteed 10 Billion views in a week.

What did you think of Scarlett's sexy SodaStream commercial?



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