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Mark Newton

It's a bit of a miracle Man of Steel has ever made at all. The history of Superman is littered with attempts to bring the son of Krypton to the big screen.

Before 2006's Superman Returns arrived on our screens (and was then promptly forgotten), there were no less than four attempts to bring Superman back. Superman Reborn, Superman Lives (which would have starred as Supes), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which of course has since been revived) and Superman: Flyby — a Superman movie written by and directed by McG.

Perhaps fortunately, this project never really took off, although that doesn't mean a load of pre-production wasn't carried out. Tim Burton JP (an unofficial fan page) recently debuted a new picture of a Superman marquette which was produced to showcase the movie's look. The source incorrectly attributed it to Burton's defunct Superman Lives, although ComicBookMovie correctly discovered it was from the lesser known Superman: Flyby. Check out the marquette below:

I think that face will now be haunting my dreams...

What do you think? Do you actually think this is a good look? Let us know below.


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