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Mark Newton

is now fast approaching a Facebook follower-ship of 50 million users. 50 million individual human beings. It makes my paltry 186 Facebook friends look kind of sad... especially considering I only like about 15% of that number...

Anyway, I fear Vin Diesel might be trying to turn his followers into a private army, as he's just posted a combat training video on his page.

The video has apparently been posted to celebrate the page's 'global 50 million', despite the fact Vin still seems to only have 49.5 million. But hey, it's close enough, and after watching this video I'm certainly not going to be the one who argues with him. Check him out sparring with Thai back-flipping face-kicking badass :


This video in fact shows some of the training that is going on behind the scenes of 's Furious 7. So it looks like as well as the usual over-the-top vehicular action, we'll also be getting a lot of over-the-top fisticuffs.

What do you prefer to see in your Fast & Furious movies? Man or machine action? Let us know below.


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