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Mark Newton

The Vampire Diaries is set to return on January 17, and already the web is awash with upcoming spoilers. Obviously, if you want to remain pure for the next episode, then I suggest you stop reading. But, if you simply can't wait to see what goes down in Mystic Falls, then direct your eyes downward.

So, much of the next few episodes will surround Elena's increasingly fragile emotional state. In particular, she feels a severe sense of loss at being unable to be around Damon. However, she also feels increasingly guilty for how much she hurt Stefan. Basically, she looks set to spend a few episodes being pretty messed up, especially as she tries to work out if her feelings for Damon are real or not.

Ultimately, all this emotional trauma leaves her vulnerable and bewildered. Which, let's face it, isn't the best way to be with all the other chaotic stuff happening in their town. How do you think she can overcome all this? And ultimately who should she choose? Let us know below!

The Vampire Diaries is set to return on January 17. Tune into The CW at 8pm to catch it.


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