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The pure and delicate Disney blossom that is Selena Gomez might have been tainted by spending too much time getting down and dirty with Justin Bizzle.

The 21-year-old star recently checked into rehab to battle her love of hard liquor, her tendency to toke the good shiz, and her unfortunate compulsion to let Biebs touch her. Alas, she bailed the The Meadows 2 weeks into her 45 day program proclaiming she was cured.

Whereas we can all cross our fingers that she will no longer be jacking up on , it looks like might not quite have understood what it means to conquer alcoholism.

The young actress took to Twitter on Monday to showcase a snap of her gleefully slurping on a cocktail with the caption;

Extra whip cream please! Dessert before dinner. Duh.

Her Reps claim that Gomez has no problems with guzzling down the sweet nectar, but surely calling booze 'dessert before dinner' immediately after dropping out of rehab isn't the best sign?

What do you guys think of Gomez's boozing? Did she really need to go to rehab, or did the heavily papped starlet just need some time out of the public eye?

(Source: TMZ via Twitter)

(Images: Twitter and Smoosh)


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