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There are plenty of rabid Jelena obsessives out there who still Belieb that and are still secretly a thing (you know, like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are secretly married), but surprisingly, they weren't responsible for crafting this vision of what Jelena's kid might look like.

The world works in mysterious ways and the hilariously accurate image is actually a lot more random, not to mention organic, in origins. Reddit user supersonic3974 posted an image that he saw in a school book that shows a young teen with a shockingly accurate blend of Selena and Justin's features.

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Mind. Blown.

Not convinced? Check out this handy side-by-side image I threw together to show the similarities below:

Maybe this is a hint that the pair are really meant to be together? I really hope not for Selena's sake, but you never know what this weird universe has in store for us.


Do you think this is what Jelena's kid might have looked like?


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