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Selena Gomez's Instagram account was swiftly unplugged last night after her 125 million fans were given an unexpected eyeful of Justin Bieber's bare penis.

Variety have confirmed that Selena Gomez — who also happens to be the most followed celebrity on Instagram — was hacked. Despite the huge security breach, Gomez's account was back online without the offending images after being suspended for mere minutes.

The leaked photos in question already emerged in 2015 and picture Bieber strolling naked through a private holiday resort in Bora Borah. The post also referred to Bieber's penis as "LIL SHRIMPY."

Neither or have issued a statement about the latest leak, but back in 2015 Bieber told Access Hollywood that the publication of the images made him feel "super violated."

For all seven of you who might be struggling to join the dots between Justin and Selena, the pair have intermittently dated each other after confirming their relationship in 2011. There have been no whispers that the pair have had any sort of romantic connection since at least 2016, however.

Naturally, the hack made waves on social media with hardcore Bieber, Selena and fans all leaping into the fray with their opinions. While some fans chose to publish the uncensored pictures, most people chose to respect Justin's privacy and instead shared their opinions on the hack.

First Came Confusion

Is it 2015? Did Selena just call Justin's nob LIL SHRIMPY? Is this the end of days?

Then, Horror

What have my eyes done to deserve this?

Some Flocked To The Scene

Though, to be fair, it's not entirely clear if they are running to, or away from Justin's junk.

While Some Chose A More Philosophical Point Of View

Sometimes you just need a little perspective.

There's Always A Conspiracy Theorist, Though

What do you mean?

(Source: Variety)


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