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Sophie Atkinson

Selena, nyoooooooo!

The Disney starlet has taken up with that cherubic-faced foetus again, Justin Bieber. Seriouslies? Selena is like that yawnsome girl at your high school with the on-again, off-again boyfriend that you had to spend every lunchtime counseling her about. Geez, Selena, get a hobby! Yoga? Watercolors? Sudoku? Anything’s got to be better than reuniting with the Bieb.

We imagine Selena’s been having bajillions of conversations with her BFFs a la the video below – just imagine Carrie's Selena and replace and Big’s name with Bieber…


However, it’s not all bad. Selena’s trying to take a more assertive approach to her love life this time round, with a source confiding that: “She has told him that if he f***s with her emotions too much, she will drop him.”

Hmmh. I mean, good on her for the assertiveness and all that, but it doesn’t seem like an overly optimistic opening note for their getting back together. But what do you think? Is Selena’s hands on approach to getting the relationship she wants with Bieber going to come up roses? Let me know in the comments below.


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