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It wasn't too long ago that the second trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars was released, providing us with a better look at the newest installment in the Underworld franchise. Revealed at this year's New York Comic-Con, the NYCC trailer doesn't add much more context to what was learned of in the previous trailer, but there are a few new screenshots that shed some light on the mystery behind Selene's blood and how her blood is integral to the plot of Blood Wars.

Selene's Blood Is The Key

Both trailers have made the aspect of Selene's blood seem very integral to the film. Apparently, Selene's blood will be highly sought after by both the Vampire and Lycan (werewolf) clans in the film. In terms of why everyone is after Selene's blood is still undetermined at the moment but it very likely has to do with the gift Selene received from Alexander Corvinus during Underworld: Evolution.

In Underworld: Evolution, Selene was given a small blood transfusion from Alexander Corvinus, which imbued her with abilities beyond that of a normal vampire. Alexander Corvinus being the father of both Vampire and Lycan bloodlines had the purest existing bloodline as he was the last living elder of a noble lineage.

And considering that he passed his lineage on to Selene, he granted Selene abilities unbeknownst to most vampires. For Selene to gain these abilities, she was able to defeat the elder vampire Marcus and was able to walk in the sun (most vampires cannot perform this feat).

Despite gaining these new abilities, Selene's abilities weren't explored during Underworld: Awakening (the most recent instalment in the Underworld franchise). Most of the film focused on Selene's daughter Eve, who will be an existing character in Underworld: Blood Wars but there may be a caveat to it.

India Eisley, the actress who portrayed Eve in Underworld: Awakening has not been cast in the new film and there is no other actress cast in the role of Eve which could potentially mean she'll meet a grim end off-screen. Seeing as how Eve's blood will be as equally sought after as Selene's, it appears that the focus of Underworld has now fallen back on Selene and her blood (the source of her extraordinary Vampire abilities).

Selene's blood will be the last piece of of the strange blood concoction which both the Vampire and the Lycan clans seem to know about. Within the trailer, we can hear multiple characters speaking of Selene and Eve's blood being highly sought after.

David: "He (Marius) wants the blood of you and your daughter."

Thomas: "She (Selene) is the purest of us all.

Marius: "She is the key to the futures of Lycans and Vampires. And when we have the blood of Selene and her daughter, we will be invincible."

Semira: "I will be more powerful than any Vampire in this coven." said while spinning finger through cup of blood, probably Selene's.

From the sound of it, word has gotten out on Selene's blood being very important to the future of both Lycan and Vampire races, so not only does Selene have Lycans chasing after her, she has to worry about fellow Vampires betraying her and draining her of blood for some miracle formula.

Selene has a lot on her plate in the new film, but her new abilities showcased in the trailers for Underworld: Blood Wars appear to have equipped her with abilities that no one will be able to match up to. The newest trailer also gives a name to the mysterious white-haired Vampires briefly seen in the first trailer.

How Will The Nordic Vampires Play Into 'Blood Wars'?

Those mysterious white-haired strangers from the previous trailer can now be identified as a Vampire clan from the north, the Nordic Vampires. The Nordic Vampires' identity is certain for now. but what isn't determined as of yet is how the Nordic Vampires become involved in the war between Vampires and Lycans.

The Nordic Vampires haven't been seen in any of the previous Underworld films, which could be due to the Nordic vampires not wanting to enter into the Vampire-Lycan war. However, it's possible the Nordic Vampires will be drawn into the conflict regardless, when the Blood Wars reach their doorsteps. From the sound of Thomas in the trailer, it could be his words that lead David (Theo James) and Selene to the land of the Nordic Vampires:

"You (David) must be go north, you'll find answers there."

Within the trailer, the voice of Thomas can be heard talking to David in regards to the Nordic vampire clan. Thomas (Dance) briefly states where the Nordic clan are located and the states that the Nordic Vampires have the answers to David's questions, but there's no clarification to what Thomas is referring to.

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Nothing else was divulged in the dialogue between Thomas and David, but Selene's absence from the conversation is noteworthy. Her absence may seem insignificant right now, but there's a specific reason for why Selene isn't present for the conversation between Thomas and David: Selene could be dead.

Will Selene Die During 'Blood Wars,' In Order To Ascend Beyond Vampire Limitations?

After looking closely at the trailer, the trailer itself depicts Selene undergoing a transformation expected to take place sometime during the new film. Selene's ascension into this new form isn't quite fleshed out in the trailer, but her appearance before going through the transformation is very pivotal to the plot. In a few screenshots from the trailer, Selene can be seen being wrapped in a white sheet and dipped into a vat of water by David,

What's of interest here is that Selene's face before she enters the water has a pale look and she appears to be almost frozen, as though her appearance is a possible indicator of Selene dying sometime during Blood Wars. Anything is possible at the moment.

Something else to take note of is that Selene can be seen fighting side-by-side with the Nordic Vampires before and after she attains her new abilities (evident by the change in hair color). The scenes where Selene can be seen beside the Nordic vampires could potentially be precursors to an instance of Selene being fatally wounded by an unidentified individual, followed by the Nordic vampires taking Selene's corpse to their secret chamber to be healed. And from the sound of the dialogue in the trailer, it appears as if the Nordic Vampires are going to help Selene.

However, the details surrounding Selene's ascension are still unknown at the moment. For all we know, Selene could undergo the Nordic Vampire transformation and come out a completely different person.

Regardless of how the transformation takes place, we can expect to see Selene ascend to heights beyond that of any Vampire or Lycan in Underworld: Blood Wars. With Selene already brandishing abilities unseen in the Underworld franchise, her character is going to make Blood Wars a spectacle to be seen. Whatever happens, it looks like Blood Wars is going to make up for the travesty of Underworld: Awakening, and then some.

Underworld: Blood Wars premieres January 6, 2017.

What do you think of Underworld: Blood Wars so far? Is it going to be the best Underworld film yet? Or is the mythology behind Vampires and Lycans becoming too convoluted to follow? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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