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Sense8 Season 2 has just taken us on a enlightening joyride, where Will, Riley, Sun, Wolfgang, Kala, Lito, Nomi and Capheus found out a whole lot about being a Sensate, Jonas, Angelica and the BPO. Although some fans may have been disappointed by the lack of overly sexual cluster interactions this second season, the moments in which all the Sensates were together — whether to save one of their own or to enjoy the biggest Gay Pride Parade on the planet — were certainly the best of the whole series.

If in the first season of everyone was trying to figure out what was going on (cue 4 Non Blondes' "What's Up?"), then this time around the Sensates were much more in sync with each other — hence why their interactions were all the more interesting.

To save you the trouble of YouTube hunting for all those perfect cluster moments, here's a top 5 of the most memorable cluster scenes in both seasons of Sense8. They're ranked from the most obvious to those that made us all want to have a cluster of our own to share wanton moments (ahem, you know what I mean) with.

5. 'Happy F*cking New Year'

This wouldn't be a celebration of the cluster's best moments without a party featuring the list. The Sensates definitely know how to partay, and they've done so in some pretty amazing ways over the course of two seasons.

Although coming out in the Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade and celebrating New Year's Eve fighting for dear life certainly have their appeal, the absolute most memorable party has ever thrown has to be the cluster birthday party of Season 2. They celebrated their first breath together, and the bond that had formed over the course of a year — and they did it in seven global locations (including a prison cell), with awesome music and not a thought of Whispers or the BPO.

4. 'Demons'

If the some viewers were a bit confused about the Sensates' connection and how it could work in Season 1, then seeing them all have sex together while thousand of miles apart clearly helped us understand it a little more. In the first ever cluster sex scene of the show, Nomi, Lito, Will and Wolfgang shared a very intimate moment where they learned how far and how private their psychic connection actually is. I mean, sure, sharing a party or evading the bad guys makes for good entertainment, but Will would most certainly agree that being — literally — mind-fucked while working out in a gym tops everything.

3. 'Who Am I?'

Whispers had been getting on everyone's nerves for a long time with his creepy stalker behavior and his unscrupulous threatening of children and dads; that's why seeing the cluster come full-force against him was so gratifying. After a mind-bending game of cat and mouse, Will finally proved to Whispers that he's no amateur when it comes to catching the bad guys as he locked on to the BPO hunter's mind just as he was in the middle of a chat with Richard Wilson Croome. Will's "you think you're hunting us? We're coming for you" line made a lot of us out there cheer out loud on our sofas.

2. 'You Want A War?'

There's no doubt that managed to up the stakes and was clearly an upgrade to an already great first season, but the finale closed things off with a massive bang. As if seeing Sun finally give her brother the beating he deserves wasn't enough, Sense8's second season finale took everything back home with another Sensate captured by Whispers — like Riley was, back in Season 1. Only this time we weren't privy to the Sensates' plan, and we were all taken by surprise when the tables were turned for Whispers and the BPO. All of that happened with the bonus of having all the eight Sensates physically present at the same place for the first time.

1. 'All I Want Now Is One More Bullet'

While Sense8 Season 2 offered some much-welcomed answers to some first season questions, it also raised a couple others, with the introduction of new Sensates from different clusters. From the moment Lila appeared, we (much like Kala) knew she was trouble, and it was priceless to see her true colors revealed at that restaurant scene with Wolfgang. That was the first time we saw another entire cluster and, more to the point, the first ever cluster-fight — which Wolfgang and his cluster lost, but not before kicking some serious butt.

With all the rumors that were floating around about Sense8 Season 2, it was hard not to feel at least a bit apprehensive about what the season would bring; but thankfully, the wait paid off big time. While a third season is yet to be confirmed, it's safe to assume that will renew it, and Lana Wachowski and co. will definitely find new ways to bring even more mind-blowing cluster moments our way.

What did you think of Sense8 Season 2? What's your favorite cluster moment? Share with us in the comments below.


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