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Note: This post contains spoilers for Sense8 "A Christmas Special."

With all the shows Netflix has been pushing through, season after season, many fans felt as if Sense8 was being left on the back burner. But after the two-hour special — imaginatively titled "A Christmas Special" — thankfully us fans have been proven wrong.

Courtesy of Netflix.
Courtesy of Netflix.

Where do I even begin? From the strangely erotic scenes to the overall cohesiveness and growth of the entire cast, my positive reactions to this episode are ceaseless. The opening shot of Kala swimming in the ocean along with the other sensates immediately drew me back into their world.

Director Lana Wachowski does a stellar job in continuing the narrative that we had seen previously in Season 1, bringing to the fore many issues the characters are facing. With no hesitation, the episode picked up a little after where we left off with Will and Riley running away form the company. Now, we find Will using heroin to mentally keep on running.

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The Christmas Special Raises Many Questions

So how did Will and Riley get to this point, and why is Nomi still in America? With her skills in hacking, I thought she would've left the country for good, rather than be on the run like a fugitive.

Along with the effortless narrative, I appreciate this show for addressing the subject of minorities, whether they're of the sexual, socioeconomic or gender variety. In the first act we see Hernando dealing with Lito coming out in a society that still does not accept it. We see Kala coping with the pressure of being forced to give her body to a man, just because she is married to him. And let's not forget the people trying to kill Wolf and Sun — just a minor thing, y'know?

What I found very interesting about this special was that yes, it was kind of a side story to the first and now upcoming season, but it still managed to drive the plot. A Christmas special could have just been a story that would have made no sense to the show's overall plot. It could have been made to simply bring holiday spirit and some hope to the fans who have been waiting for for over a year now. But the 's delivered a Christmas miracle.

The future of the cluster will be insane. Now that they are becoming more familiar with each other and using their powers to their advantages, the limits are endless. I don't know what the organization has in store when trying to destroy the sensates, but I highly doubt that with all of them together, the sinister plan will work.

Speaking of not being together, something kind of stood out to me in this episode. Throughout the series — and particularly in this Christmas special — you see the cluster kind of pairing off. Of course there's Will and Riley, Kala and Wolf, and now you see Nomi and Lito working together. So does this mean that Sun and Van Damme are going to be together? Are clusters in general meant to pair off?

Somehow A Vital Connection Is Made

In a world full of fictional superheroes, there are everyday heroes who are just so relatable. Personal problems and confusion, relationships, the environment — these are the issues many of us deal with in our lives. Nobody has powers per se, but we have the ultimate combined power of a connection. It's this connection that brings people and cultures together.

personally makes me want to feel mentally connected with other people all over the planet and see the world in a different light. It makes me question everything around me, and wonder what's on the other side. A good amount of loose ends were tied up with this Christmas special, along with many questions that I know will get answered in Season 2. All I have to say is, wake me on Cinco de Mayo, when Sense8 returns to the small screen on .

What did you think of the Christmas special? Let me know with a comment, and check out the Season 2 trailer below.


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