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Eight strangers, from different parts of the globe, are psychically linked and are able to share their emotions, problems, angsts — and yes, their sex lives. These 'Sensates' are all being hunted by Whispers — a Sensate himself — who wishes to have all the eight of them working for his evil plans. If that sounds complicated, don't worry; Sense8 actually has a pretty strong narrative and densely layered characters. But one simple weekend of binge-watching it, and you're hooked for life.

Sense8 Season 1 premiered on Netflix way back in 2015, and since then, fans have been avidly waiting — sometimes desperately hoping — for a Season 2 to come to life. Well, you can all relax now 'Sensies', since Season 2 is all wrapped up and ready to premiere this year. In the meantime, here's an extensive guide to help you navigate the wonderfully complicated world of Sense8 — and keep you updated while you wait for Sense8 Season 2.

This post will receive continuous updates as more news, trailers and plot information comes to light. You might wanna bookmark it!

Sense8 Season 2 News & Rumors

[UPDATED 03/21/2017] —New Photos Hint At Sun Bak's Fate

Last we saw Sun — in the Sense8 Christmas Especial — she had managed to leave solitary confinement and rejoin her cellmates, but these new photos of Sense8 Season 2 show that she'll achieve more than that.

In the first picture, Sun appears in her jail uniform next to Capheus and Lito — no doubt helping 'Van Damme' kick some proverbial ass back in Nairobi. Lito is in a tux, which can either mean he's attending a gala or, more interestingly, an award ceremony.

'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit: Netflix]
'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit: Netflix]

Later, in the second photo, Sun is standing alongside her Sensate friends in a restaurant in Berlin, only she's wearing civilian clothes then. With her brother so adamant in having her killed — even behind prison walls — the fact that Sun is walking about can only mean she found a way to eliminate the threat her brother posed. We'll have to wait for Sense8 Season 2 to premiere to figure out just how literally she 'eliminated' it.

[UPDATED 02/23/2017] — Sense8 Season 2 Is Definitely Happening, But Season 3 Is Up In The Air

Brian J Smith as Will Gorksi in 'Sense8'. [Credit: Netflix]
Brian J Smith as Will Gorksi in 'Sense8'. [Credit: Netflix]

In recent Sense8 Season 2 news, Brian J. Smith (the actor behind sensate Will Gorski) has addressed rumors that the show will be axed, in what is a very much a 'good news, bad news' situation. Good news: Smith slammed rumors that Season 2 won't see the light of day. Bad news: Sense8 Season 3 is still very up in the air, given the show's lackluster ratings. Speaking to DigitalSpy, Smith stated:

That all rests with Netflix and also the fans, too – if they like what happens, and they like what they see in season two, we’ll hear about it.

I think we’ll all know whether or not we should do a third season. I hope we do.

I can say there’s definitely more story to tell after season two. We’re not done with it and I hope we get to finish it, I really do.

If you want to see another season after Sense8 Season 2, tell your friends, tell your family — if Season 2 gets higher viewership figures, our Sensates might still be in with a fighting chance!

Sense8 Season 2 Premiere Date

After many rumors that there wouldn't even be a second season, Netflix has confirmed the Sense8 Season 2 premiere date. All 10 episodes of Season 2 will be available on Netflix on May 5, 2017.

Sense8 Season 2 Trailer

Netflix released the Sense8 Season 2 trailer on April 10, 2017. Between evading Whispers, defying the system and a promise of war, it seems the second season will take the Sensates on a wild ride!

There is also a pretty neat trailer for the Christmas special, in case you haven't seen it yet...

Sense8 Season 2 Cast

The Sense8 Season 2 cast is much the same as the first — apart from a major character being recast, that is. Unfortunately, Aml Amreen has stepped down from the role of Capheus (a Nairobi-based Sensate), and has been replaced by newcomer Toby Onwumere. With that alteration, the cast for Season 2 looks like this:

Jamie Clayton is Nomi Marks

Brian J. Smith is Will Gorski

Doona Bae is Sun Bak

Tuppence Middleton is Riley Blue

Tina Desai is Kala Dandekar

Max Riemelt is Wolfgang Bogdanow

Miguel Ángel Silvestre is Lito Rodrigues

Toby Onwumere as Chapeus Onyango

Sense8 Season 2 Characters

The multi-faceted and extremely relatable characters are one of the main reasons that got us hooked in Sense8 from the start. Here is a brief summary of where we left off with the Sense8 Season 2 characters:

'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit: Netflix]
'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit: Netflix]

Nomi Marks is on the run from the law, with her girlfriend Amanita, after she hacked a federal database. They are constantly on the move, getting by and evading federal officers with the help of their friends.

Will Gorsky has to spend his days either sedated or high on drugs to prevent Whispers from accessing his mind, and consequently discovering the other Sensates' whereabouts. He's faced with an impossible choice between selling out his Sensate friends, or watching Whispers slowly destroy his father.

Sun Bak managed to survive not only solitary confinement at the prison, but also her brother's assassination attempt. She's now back in her old cell with the cellmates that helped her through her isolation time.

Riley Blue is keeping Will alive — and protected from Whispers — but she's having a hard time keeping him sane. Through her caring for him, their bond is growing stronger, but she's running out of ways to evade Whispers.

Kala Dandekar is now married to Rajan Rasal. On their honeymoon in Italy, Rajan nearly gave up on their marriage, because he believed Kala harboured feelings for another man. Kala is now committed to making her marriage work, despite her feelings for Wolfgang.

Wolfgang Bogdanow faces the tough decision of whether or not to step up and take the reigns of his late uncle's mob circle. As more and more of his family members get murdered, Wolfgang manages to survive an assassination attempt on New Year's Eve with the help of the Sensates — and his back-from-death's-door friend, Felix.

Lito Rodrigues is holding firmly on to his relationship´with Hernando — who has to deal with the backlash of his and Lito's romantic reveal as well. Despite being advised that being a homosexual will most likely end his career, Lito has chosen love over money, and has gained the support and acceptance of his mother — as well as of their dear friend Dani.

Capheus Onyango and his beloved 'Van Dame' bus are finally seeing some better days. After he opted to fight a Nairobi gang and spare Kabaka's life, Mr. Kabaka gifted Capheus with a whole new bus to replace his old one — which was filled with bullet holes.

Sense8 Season 2 Plot

'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit: Netflix]
'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit: Netflix]

Whereas the first season saw the Sensates being forcefully dragged into a psychic link with strangers and learning how to live with it, the Sense8 Season 2 plot will focus more on the role that Whispers plays in the grand scheme of things. So far, the Sensates know very little about Whispers — or his organization's plans — but that seems to be about to change. Will is learning, with the help of Jonas, how to take advantage of his psychic link with Whispers. Nomi too seems determined to better understand their condition as Sensates, which could eventually lead to finding a way to neutralize Whispers' influence on Will.

Sense8 Season 2 Online

'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit:Netflix]
'Sense8' Season 2 [Credit:Netflix]

Since Sense8 is a Netflix original, all of the episodes will be released simultaneously on Netflix. While you wait to watch Sense8 Season 2 online, you might as well refresh your memory with the series' Season 1, which is also available on Netflix!


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