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Anna Mary Reuben

I totally love this guy! Josh Hutcherson has predicted a time in the future when being bisexual will be a ‘non-issue’.

The hunky star's Utopian vision is a true inspiration. Unlike The Hunger Games' dark view of the future, its star has predicted a future of equality and acceptance!

How refreshing! What a great role model Josh Hutcherson is, speaking his mind and envisaging a future of equality.

So inspirational to see a young star able to speak his mind and say something outside the box! And like his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence he seems like such a down-to-earth person who doesn’t suck up to Hollywood standards and isn’t afraid to be himself.

About himself, the star has said he’s ‘mostly straight’ but that could change in the future. He really is leading the way for young guys and girls out there to feel comfortable with their sexuality.

He’s even started a youth grouped aimed at fighting homophobia called ‘Straight But Not Narrow’. I totally love how he’s using his fame to promote a great message.

He’s an inspiration to us all. We love you, Josh. I can’t believe what a great guy he is!

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