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has made jaws drop all over the world with the revelation that she continued to see after his divorce, OK magazine reports.

The pair met on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman, where their affair sent sparks flying, tearing apart her relationship with and Rupert's marriage to British actress .

This is not a situation you would want to revisit, right? Two relationships destroyed, tons of bad press, and a whole lot of emotional fall-out. Besides, perhaps Kristen doesn't know this, but guys in their forties don't generally get with girls in their twenties hoping for longevity and scintillating conversation...

Apparently, Kristen and Rupert continued their entanglement for a short while, but he called it off suddenly. Whether this was through pressure from his in-laws, disdain from press and peers, or he is just a little wiser about how much of a no-no their involvement is, we can only speculate.

TODAY therapist Dr Gilda Carle supports the theory that Kristen has nothing worth fighting for with Rupert Sanders:

What happened when Rupert rejected her is not unusual, because after the sneaking around is all finished, what did they really have? What do they have in common?

Seriously, Kristen, leave it alone. It is not going to work, it is not worth the stress. Either she wants a future with him - which is not going to happen - or she just wants to tap that handsome divorcee again - which is not worth it.

As if this whole hot mess wasn't enough, Rupert's ex-wife has weighed in on the action. A source told OK Magazine that Rupert's jilted ex-wife, has issued a strongly worded demand for an apology from K-Stew:

Liberty recently left a message for Kristen, suggesting she might as well sew a big letter ‘A’ on her chest, since she’s never really apologized to the now divorced mom.

Yes, because that would help everyone out. Let's dress her up like Hester Prynne, emblazoned with a big old red letter, and parade the adulteress through the streets. I understand Ross is mad as hell, but there's no need for any slut shaming here. Get your apologies from your husband - I don't see R-Pattz demanding a crawling 'sorry' from Rupert Sanders.

This is the eternal argument between people who've cheated, and know it's not always black and white, and people who've been cheated on, and know that the pain is catastrophic. Nobody can really be rational about this topic.

Hopefully Kristen can move on by throwing herself into her work: she's recently been abroad in Berlin, shooting Clouds of Sils Maria with and . A different place and a new crowd are great things to soothe a broken heart.

Source article viewable at Hollywood Life.



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