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In what might be the most bizarre (yet entertaining) video posted by Sesame Street in recent memory, the beloved children's show has released a parody of just in time for the show's upcoming fifth season. The G-rated version, appropriately titled "Orange Is The New Snack," takes the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary and switches them to students at Litchfield Academy. Watch it below:

The characters portrayed in the parody are actual characters represented in the hit, just with a Sesame Street makeover. Set in a classroom, the students are introduced to newcomer Piper Snackman — along with eager classmate Googly Eyes, a student named Morello, her boyfriend Christopher and a snack monitor named Red. After cookies are served, Piper tries to teach everyone about a healthier option, such as the oranges she brought.

It is best to not take the parody too seriously considering how wacky it is — essentially using a mature show like OITNB to share a message about healthy eating. The fact that Pornstach is reimagined as the teacher "Mr. Mustache" is certainly an odd but hilarious choice. He even threatens to throw Piper Snackman in the "Shoe" ... which, in this parody, happens to be an actual shoe. Yeah, that's a little more lighthearted.

Watch the trailer for Orange Is The New Black Season 5 below:

The latest season of Orange Is The New Black will be released June 9th, 2017 on Netflix.


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