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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Oscar hosts have always been a touchy subject, and is a touchier one than most. After his Oscar-hosting fail earlier this year we have all been wondering if he'll be back for the 2014 Academy Awards. The answer: He won't, as these couple of tweets assure us:

After the less-than-enthusiastic reactions to his boob joke-laden stint on the Oscar stage, it's not really a surprise. Personally, I was surprised they even thought of him in the first place and wasn't impressed with his performance. (Let's not even talk about .)

It's time to look forward, everyone. MacFarlane himself, in all seriousness or not, has made his first suggestion as to who should replace him. Having safe choice come back to it is not the solution either. So, let 'er rip and let me know who you want to see hosting your Oscar stage for 2014.


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