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Mark Newton

We've seen apocalypse movies before, right? You know, the ones with asteroids, tidal waves and Aerosmith. But, have you ever seen one featuring as an axe-wielding maniac? Or one in which Michael Cera gets coked out of his mind and then impaled by lamp-post? No, you haven't. But you will soon! Check out the new, very red band trailer for and 's This Is the End:

(via Machinima YouTube)

If you didn't figure it out already, This Is The End features a whole host of comedians, actors and all-around celebs playing skewed (and in some cases maybe not-so-skewed) versions of themselves. Hopefully this will deliver the most hysterical end of the world we've seen yet. Well, at least until 's, 's and 's The World's End is released.

Will you be in theaters when the film hits on June 12th?


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