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With the release of This Is the End shortly upcoming, it's high time to reflect on 's past projects - most notably the The Green Hornet. It really sounded good on paper. A bit of visual surrealism. The post-Knocked Up/Superbad and -crackteam for some hilarity. Hell, even a VILLAIN. And we ALL know from Inglorious Basterds how good Waltz is at the evil villain.

What could go wrong?

Well, quite a lot. Critics dissed it (44% on Rotten Tomatoes), and box office was simply OK. And the still-tight and , getting ready for the release of their directorial debut This Is the End, think they've worked out what went wrong. Talking with Doug Benson's 'Doug loves Movies' and Mark Maron's 'WTF' podcasts, they didn't hold back:

"It was a perfect storm of bad shit happening", admits Rogen. "We shouldn't make expensive movies where we can't just do a million dick jokes. That's what we've learned over the years."

They then go on to admit that even if they could do a R-rated sequel, they would never do it. On Maron's 'WTF' podcast Rogen then continues to pull no punches, saying that it was a "dark time", 3 years of production that became..wait for it...a "fucking nightmare." He then goes on to finally pinpoint the film's failure, by saying:

"The director is wonderful at smaller scale stuff but I think he did not mesh well. It was his first movie with more than a $20 million budget and this was a $120 million budget. We had never made an action movie, he had never made an action movie," Rogen explained. "And if there is one thing I look back on like, 'What was the problem there?' It was just the budget. We can't make a really edgy fun movie for our types of people for that amount of money."

So, Rogen has chosen two things that resulted in the film's failure: the big budget and Gondry's inexperience. Gondry was perhaps out of his depth with big-budget action, but a part of me feels that's overly harsh. Also, blaming the budget? Come on. The bigger issue for me was more the fact that there's little plot propelling it forward, and the jokes really didn't fly. Dick jokes or no dick jokes, Seth Rogen is funny, and the material here quite simply gave him nothing to play with.

What did you think of The Green Hornet? Looking forward to the release of This Is the End? Hoping for some good dick jokes? Get in touch below.


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