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Following the success of the animated movie Sausage Party and the ongoing live-action adaptation of graphic novel series Preacher on AMC, it goes without saying that Seth Rogen has a lot on his plate. Fans of his work may be wondering what he has planned next, but they won't have to wait for long since Rogen's next project has just been revealed!

From Childhood To Horny Adolescence: Rogen's Next Project

'Bad Teacher' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
'Bad Teacher' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

As reported by Variety, comedian will produce a comedy titled Good Boys, which will be directed by Bad Teacher writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. Good Boys was based on the duo's original script and will serve as their feature directorial debut. It is described as a R-rated comedy done in the vein of Rogen's famous hits, and .

Good Boys follows a group of four 12-year-olds who embark on a quest from the suburbs of Tarzana, Los Angeles to the Sherman Oaks Galleria to replace a broken drone before their parents get home. As they get closer to their destination, the gang makes the transition from naive childhood innocence to lewd teenage perversion.

The upcoming comedy currently has no actors attached to it, but it's possible that Rogen's friends such as James Franco and Danny McBride may play a part in the film. The movie will be produced by Point Grey Pictures and Good Universe, the former of which is responsible for producing some of Rogen's recent features such as Neighbors and The Night Before.

What To Expect From 'Good Boys'

'Knocked Up' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Knocked Up' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Based on its premise, Good Boys is set to be a mix between a road trip and a coming-of-age story like Stand By Me — plus the addition of Rogen's signature raunch. Eisenberg and Stupnitsky are also credited for writing episodes for the hit comedy series The Office, so their brand of sarcasm should be expected to pop up in the dialogue.

In a way, is a throwback to comedies like Rogen's own Knocked Up — trailer below — where the juvenile male characters' motivations were almost always limited to their sexual fantasies before realities harsh fist came crashing down on them. Despite its protagonists' age gap when compared to stuff like American Pie, the cast of Good Boys may follow a similar journey of self-discovery after encountering raunchy hijinks and other comically awkward situations.

Good Boys currently has no release date, but for fans of this kind of comedy and Rogen's works in general, the movie is something to look forward to. Seth Rogen may only be acting as a producer for Good Boys and may only get a cameo at best, but if his consistently good track record is anything to go by, the upcoming journey to the teenage years may be another hit from the established comedian turned filmmaker.

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