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Sex is an incredibly uncomfortable topic for a lot of people, and it's no secret that many have trouble discussing the subject with their parents. And as it turns out, this is especially true for Seth Rogen.

The actor is well-known for his films' vast raunchy content. Almost every one of his movies includes some sort of sexual innuendo and he's even appeared naked on screen more than once. Ironically enough, however, he isn't such a fan of his mom discussing sex with the rest of the world, as proved by a recent interaction on Twitter.

This past Tuesday, Rogen's mother, Sandy Rogen, tweeted out this unexpected message, praising the feeling of sleep after sex:

For those of you non-Yoga junkies out there, a shavasana is essentially a pleasurable stretch that takes place after finishing a workout session. Her son was... well, less than thrilled with the observation:

His mom defended herself, stating it was just an observation about one of the little things in life:

But wasn't having it.

The actor wasn't alone in being uncomfortable by his mom's comments. His sister, Danya Rogen, joined in to say she almost threw up after reading the tweet:

Sandy Rogen simply responded to her children with "Lame!"

Now, I understand Rogen feeling uncomfortable with the situation, but looking on the bright side, he has a pretty hilarious sequence for a new comedy ––– Just throwing that out there!

This Isn't The Only Hilarious Celebrity Parent Interactions Out There

Rogen's definitely not the only celeb to be embarrassed by his family on social media, in fact there are a few cases of parents driving their celebrity children and vice versa a bit crazy on social media. Here are some of the funniest instances:

1. Patty Mallette And Justin Bieber

A few years ago, made headlines for a leaked video which showed him peeing in a bucket inside a restaurant. You'd think that would be a hard thing for the mother of the person to talk about, but not for Patty Mallette. The author and mother of Bieber was more relaxed about the situation, making fun of it with this hilarious emoji:


2. David And Brooklyn Beckham

If there's one person loves to troll on social media, it's his son, Brooklyn. Back in January, the young man started a Facebook Live session to interact with his fans, but little did he know that one of his fans was his father. Beckham messaged him during the stream:

"U should be in school."

Whether or not that was true is a mystery, but the teasing continued. Later on, Beckham also mentioned the shirt his son was wearing was actually his:

3. Dominic Holland And Tom Holland (Twice)

Our new Spider-Man also has a parent that likes to have fun with him on social media. Last month it was revealed that had gotten a tattoo, however his dad, Dominic Holland, wasn't a fan of it and he made his feelings clear on Twitter:

Just a day after that, Holland Sr. ––– who's also comedian, TV personality and author ––– took to Instagram to post a picture of a man sporting a Spidey backpack. While it was probably awesome for him, knowing his son is playing the character right now, it also reminded him that his son had eclipsed him in the entertainment industry:

So yeah, Rogen's situation was just one in a long line of similar cases. For the sake of our entertainment, hopefully we get a few more hilarious examples in the near future.

What did you think about Seth Rogen's reaction to his mother's comments? Have your parents every made you feel uncomfortable in the interwebs? Let me know in the comments!


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