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David Latona

Via comingsoon, it appears upcoming fantasy film The Seventh Son is undergoing a major production change: Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are parting ways on the project, and distribution of the film will now be handled by Universal Studios instead. The most important consequence is that the movie's release date has been pushed back... again.

Let's run through the troubled production history for a moment: Seventh Son originally scheduled for release February 22nd, 2013; it was later moved back to October 18th, in order to complete post production. The premiere date again changed, this time to January 17th 2014, when Warner Bros. 'divorced' Legendary, leaving the film without a distributor . Finally, four days ago, came the announcement that Legendary had sold the distribution rights to Universal, who quickly pulled the film off the January 2014 release. As of this writing, the newest date remains TBA.

Seventh Son is based on the first book in Joseph Delaney's dark fantasy series, The Wardstone Chronicles (in the US, the series is titled The Last Apprentice). This first book, titled The Spook's Apprentice, centers around a 14-year-old young hero who becomes (as the title suggests) the apprentice of 'the Spook,' that is, a fighter against the Dark. The movie stars , and ; and is helmed by director .

Seventh Son will hit the silver screens as soon as Universal decides a new release date.


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