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"Sexy" Halloween costumes are nothing new, with the gimmick of using recognizable pop-culture characters with a name that barely escapes charges of copyright infringement. It's a favorite punchline on the internet.

But a new costume, "Upside Down Honey," is causing a lot of controversy. Fans of Netflix's Stranger Things will notice it's an obvious ripoff of the beloved breakout character Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). Check out the costume below:

The fact that this particular "sexy" costume was based on a character who's only 12 years old in the first season of Stranger Things sparked concern and outrage online. Many pointed out that is still a child in 's 1980s tribute series; she'll be 13 years old by the time the events of Season 2 begin.

The retailer Yandy Lingerie and Costume Company defends the costume, telling ABC News that those complaining about Upside Down Honey were putting too much thought into something that was meant to be used for harmless Halloween fun:

"We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither do our customers. The Yandy girl strives to be the talk of the Halloween party. And we've found these topical, pop culture inspired costumes with a fashion-forward twist are always a fan favorite year after year."

The fact that someone out there watched Stranger Things and decided that the troubled, Eggo-loving kid with dangerous psychic powers would be a great inspiration for a new "sexy" costume is disturbing enough on its own, but it's sadly not that surprising. After all, we do live in a time where sexualized costumes of the Minions from Despicable Me, Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It, and Fake News can be bought in your local retail stores.

For now, let's forget about the disturbing news of the Eleven costume and the fake news of the above costume, and just remember the good news: Stranger Things Season 2 hits Netflix on October 27.

What do you think of "Upside Down Honey," the sexy Eleven costume? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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