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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Halloween is one time of year that costumiers gotta hustle. It's all over so quickly, so get that imitation material and knock off a bunch of topical outfits before the shoppers put their cash away. Costume company Forplay are grafting particularly hard this year, and are bending over to avoid copyright infringement so hard that all of their outfits based on movie characters are super funny. Check 'em out!

1. 'Fine Fighter Sexy Comic Book Hero'

She's a fine ally to Sergeant United States and his friend, Beaky.

2. 'Fatal Attraction Sexy Comic Book Villain'

Sparks will fly when she meets Feline-Lady and The Giggler.

3. 'Tough Shell Sexy Movie Character'

Adolescent Deformed Warrior Tortoises unite!

4. 'Ray Of Light Sexy Movie Character'

Wield a glow-sword as the greatest fighter from Planet Battles: Chapter VII.

5. 'Ain't Afraid Sexy Movie Character Costume'

Which people will you phone? Ghoulsquashers!

6. 'Hunt You Down Sexy Movie Character'

Good Deathpond, bad Deathpond.

7. 'Perfect Catch Sexy Cartoon Character'

Peekaboo, I pick him!

8. 'Super Seductress Sexy Superhero'

Is the CD Universe ready for her?

9. 'Lost Sexy Fish' And 'Found Sexy Fish'

You had me at 'sexy fish.'

10. 'Crazy In Luv Sexy Comic Book Villain Costume'

Check out some of the greatest moments from "Daddy's Lil Devil" below.


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