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Sophie Atkinson

Spoiler alert: mild spoilers ahead.

Are you counting down the days til October? Fan-favorite The Vampire Diaries is swooping back into action at 8pm EDT on Oct 3rd, followed by the premiere of vamp-tastic spin-off show, The Originals at 9pm. The new promo for both shows has got us chomping at the bit for exquisitely cheekboned vampires that look like Abercrombie & Fitch models, intrigue and f**kloads of doppelgangers.

The video features a shot of human Katherine as she seductively reclines in a bubble bath. 'You're making yourself right at home,' Silas in the guise of Stefan tells the doppelganger as he lingers by the tub. Complicated! Meanwhile, things in New Orleans look intense, with the Originals' share of the trailer split between partying and a lot of venomous hybrid bites.

After Oct 3rd, The Vampire Diaries will stay on Thurs nights, while The Originals will move to its permanent slot on Tuesdays at 8pm.


And if you didn't see the 30 second teaser which fleshes out the Vampire Diaries storylines a little more:


Will you be checking out new show, The Originals or are you more excited about a return to Mystic Falls? Let us know below.


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