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Since the Shadowhunters Season 2 premiere, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on who would take on the role of Valentine's son, Sebastian Morgernstern. The Season 2 premiere gave us multiple hints at his eventual on-screen debut, and we were even graced with a baby Sebastian in a mini flashback. Fans of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series will know Sebastian as the evil and twisted son of the villainous Valentine Morgernstern, whom he experimented on with demon blood while Sebastian was in the womb.

We've now discovered that Sebastian will make his debut in the latter half of Season 2, will be played by none other than Will Tudor.

Will as a synth 'Humans' [Credit: AMC / Channel 4]
Will as a synth 'Humans' [Credit: AMC / Channel 4]

In addition to playing Olyvar on Game of Thrones, Tudor also has a prominent role in in the AMC / Channel 4 series, Humans. Speaking exclusively with TV Line, showrunner Todd Slavkin described Tudor's audition as "chilling" and "captivating", whilst also discussing the many changes the character will go through in his jump from page to screen.

Originally hailing from the Paris Institute in the books, Shadowhunters's Sebastian will instead hail from the London Institute, allowing the actor to keep his British accent. Though he auditioned with an American accent, after watching his past work, the team behind the show thought Tudor's British roots would do well for the character.

"But when we saw his reel, saw him on Game of Thrones and Humans, then looked at our take on the character, we were like, ‘Oh, you’re from London. You’re from the London Institute. Use your British accent.’ And it works so well.”

Will Tudor as Olyvar in 'Game of Thrones'. [Credit: HBO]
Will Tudor as Olyvar in 'Game of Thrones'. [Credit: HBO]

Interestingly, Tudor has something in common with Shadowhunters's leading man, Dom Sherwood. Having partially grown up together, the two also starred in 2014's adaptation, Vampire Academy.

"We weren’t aware of this when we cast him, but he and Dominic Sherwood have this past together as kids in England,” Slavkin says. “They have this real friendship off-screen, which is chilling if you know the books and can think about the irony of that.”

Both Will & Dom starred in 2014's 'Vampire Academy' [Credit: Preger Entertaiment, St Vlads Gush]
Both Will & Dom starred in 2014's 'Vampire Academy' [Credit: Preger Entertaiment, St Vlads Gush]

When discussing the specific changes in store for Sebastian, Slavkin opted to keep most of it a surprise for fans, but did reveal that the show was putting their own spin on the character. We already know from various interviews that Season 2 has opted for a significant amount of changes, most notably with the latest episode, in which a major character bites the dust and is killed off.

In the books, Jace is killed at the City of Bones, and Clary later resurrects him.

Fans of the books have already begun speculating that a certain storyline from the books is being amended and given to a different character for the show, so who knows what's in store for Sebastian.

Recent trailers for Episode 5 appear to confirm that this storyline has indeed been amended for the show — because of this, we can expect a great many changes for Sebastian's debut as well.

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