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As we patiently await the Season 2 premiere of Young Adult show Shadowhunters, the incredibly endearing cast are up to all sorts of hijinks both in and out of character, behind the scenes. In preparation for the new season, the cast have been going through rigorous training to match the all-new higher stakes of the much anticipated second season.

To tide us over until we can finally see what's up in the Shadow World on January 2nd, let's take a look at the cast's exploits and quirks, in and and out of character!

1. Isaiah Mustafa

In addition to looking like a complete and total badass in his brand new character poster for Season 2, Isaiah's behind-the-scenes training shows he's got the moves to back up the looks. Check him out getting in a little one-on-one boxing training, in prep for all the badass fight scenes we're bound to see in Season 2!

Well, the leader of the pack's gotta have something to show for it, doesn't he?

He's also a massive fan of scaring fiery redhead Kat McNamara behind the scenes, and he's pretty damn good at it too. Check out this throwback vid from last year, where it all began!

2. Is There A Temporary Truce Between the Vampires and Werewolves?

On screen, Raphael and Luke couldn't be further apart. Vampires and werewolves are natural sworn enemies in almost every branch of fantasy fiction, but behind the scenes, Isaiah and David Castro (who plays Raphael Santiago, leader of the vampires in Camille's absence) are natural BFFs.

3. David Castro's Sweet Piano Playing & Even Sweeter Dance Moves Make Us Love Him Even More!

After finally getting his own chair for Season 2, David Castro — the show's fearsome vampire — showed off some pretty sweet piano playing on one of Raphael's new toys! The star did an impromptu rendition of John Legend's "Ordinary People," and proved that like many of the members of this incredibly talented cast, he's a triple threat.

Who knew he could sing!? Maybe the showrunners will treat us, and the next time the gang meets up with Raphael and he'll serenade them with another cover. Of course, if he can't do that, we could always call a major dance-off between him and the gang, right? My money's on Castro!

4. Emeraude Toubia Is Just As Lethal Out Of Character!

We all know Izzy's an absolute beast with a whip, and we can attribute that skill to the gorgeous Emeraude Toubia — the woman responsible for Izzy's badass fighting skills. In addition to doing her own stunts, especially with Izzy's infamous whip, Emeraude also does a significant amount of wire work for the character.

Season 2 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever, and with so much at stake, it stands to reason that we'll be getting a ton more action than we did in Season 1! Flying isn't the only thing Emeraude's good at, as Izzy's skill lies in combat. Like her character, Emeraude's pretty damn fierce when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Check her out below!

5. Kat McNamara's In Full On Shadowhunter Training — As Batgirl?

Is Maryse Lightwood smiling?!
Is Maryse Lightwood smiling?!

In a weird and wonderful alternate universe, this is what the cast of Shadowhunters looks like out of character. They make damn good cosplayers for Halloween, but for Kat it's not all fun and games. Behind the scenes, Kat celebrated her birthday with the cast, and then got straight back into some Shadowhunter fight training in prep for Season 2!

First, we celebrate!

Then comes the hard work!

6. Alisha Wainright Is The Adorable New Addition To The Cast We Never Knew We Needed!

The latest addition to the cast is the beautiful and adorable Alisha Wainright, who'll be playing Maia Roberts in Season 2. The young werewolf shared tons of BTS pics with us in her takeover of the Shadowhunters' Social Media, and the thing that sticks? She likes to hover.

Like, a lot.

But we're totally okay with that, because when the time comes to get into action and kick some ass, you can be sure Alisha will be there to...

Stare philosophically at skulls...

And giggle the enemy to death?

Welcome to the cast, Alisha!

7. Alberto Rosende's All About Kittens And Working Out!

Alberto Rosende plays adorable cupcake and former mundie Simon on the show, and his off-set antics prove he's every bit as adorable and lovable as his character! First up, meet Alberto's cutie of a kitty, Stella!

Stella (above) Rajah (Below)
Stella (above) Rajah (Below)

He adopted Stella on the same day Dom Sherwood (Jace) adopted his cutie of a kitty, Rajah, and he brings her everywhere. Like, literally everywhere. She's met the entire cast, and they've all fallen in love with her. She's even hung out on set!

When he's not hanging out with the lovely Stella, he's putting the hard work into some specialized vampire training, doing wire work, backflips and three-person treadmilling in preparation for Season 2!

We've seen a lot of the cast doing wire work for Season 2, so in addition to bigger and better sets, props and costumes, we can look forward to some pretty badass stunts and effects too! Not sure if three-person treadmilling will catch on though...

8. Harry Shum Jr. Discovers The Secret To Magnus's Magic!

Spoiler alert: Contrary to popular belief, Magnus doesn't use portals to get around quickly and safely. Harry Shum Jr.'s managed to tap into Magnus' secrets, to uncover some top secret footage of Magnus, check it out!

Everything we know about Magnus is a lie! An illusion!

When he's not figuring out the secrets to Magnus's magic, he's letting benevolent vampire Simon try a little "encanto" mind control on him for practice. We've seen Simon try this a number of times in recent promos, and it doesn't look like it'll be working anytime soon. Poor Simon.

Aw, better luck next time, Simon! P.S. who else is crying laughing at that caption?

9. Dom Sherwood's All About Training, Cosplay And A Little Vampire Academy Reminiscing! Aw!

Credit: @DomSherwood Instagram
Credit: @DomSherwood Instagram

Dom Sherwood's Jace is pretty busy right now being Valentine's right-hand man and causing all kinds of mayhem in the Shadow World, but off-screen, Dom's been doing a pretty killer job at a little Halloween cosplay team-up with Kat. He donned a Nightwing suit for Halloween this year, just a little while after he tweeted interest in playing the character. Clearly he's an avid fan!

Cosplaying and Halloween aside, he's been doing a little reminiscing about his days on set of 2014's , where he met now girlfriend Sarah Hyland. In two throwback posts, he took a look back on his days playing a pyrotechnic Moroi, Christian Ozera, and collectively gave the entire Vampire Academy fandom all the feels!

When he's not reminiscing about his days as a benevolent vampire, he can be found working out with the other half to Alberto's Stella, Rajah! As fond of her owner as he is of her, the two can be found regularly working out together, as he puts in a hell of a lot of work for Season 2!

Of course, strength training is only a small part of the prep for Season 2, and with growing tensions in the Shadow World, it stands to reason that Jace and Simon might come to blows. Check out Dom and Alberto rehearsing a stunt for the new season that sees Simon essentially knock Jace on his ass!

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So that's it! The behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the Shadowhunters cast! They're a quirky bunch who get up to all kinds of mischief both on set and off, so be sure to follow them on social media so you never miss a moment of their madness!

Shadowhunters Season 2 hits screens on January 2nd, and presumably a day later on Netflix for those of us not in the US!

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What are you most excited for in Season 2?


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