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Warning: Spoilers for the mid-season finale of Shadowhunters to follow. Proceed at your own risk!

The Shadowhunters mid-season finale was jam-packed with action, romance, and a hell of a lot of death. We lost some of our faves to the culmination of Valentine's plans (RIP Alaric), but watched others triumph in the face of tragedy (Simon's finally a Daywalker!). I've looked at the finale's most shocking reveals, as well as our five most burning questions, but now it's time to speculate on a few loose ends, and what they mean for Season 2B!

1. Does Aldertree's Romantic History With A Downworlder Make Him Untrustworthy?

Aldertree sees the result of Izzy's damage [Credit: Freeform]
Aldertree sees the result of Izzy's damage [Credit: Freeform]

Although action-packed and full of shocking twists, the Winter Finale of also had some quieter moments. One such moment was the almighty team-up that was Alec and Aldertree navigating their way through The Institute to turn off the power core. In that time, Alec let Aldertree know that his fighting alongside him didn't absolve him of his crimes against Izzy, nor did it suddenly make Aldertree a good guy. When Aldertree expressed his concern over the fate of Downworlders should Valentine wield the Soul Sword, Alec — along with us viewers — couldn't quite fathom why the king of douchebags would suddenly care about Downworlders.

It was here that Aldertree revealed a little of his backstory, admitting to Alec that he had once fallen in love with a Downworlder. Unfortunately, she was attacked by a Shax Demon, and attacked Aldertree under its influence, forcing him to kill her in self-defense. He even revealed the scars on his chest to Alec as a result of the ordeal. Although this was one of few softer, and altogether more honest moments for Aldertree, there's still quite a bit about him that's shady and unknown. His run-in with a Downworlder and his confession to Alec that he doesn't believe a Shadowhunter can truly trust or be in a relationship with a Downworlder, could make him a liability when dealing with the aftermath of Season 2A. (I.e., the 'mysterious' figure who now wields the Soul Sword!) Whilst he's not an obvious bad guy, he's not exactly a good guy, and his little sob story still doesn't make us fully trust this shady character.

2. Who's Side Is Dot On, And Can She Be Trusted Now?

Dot asks the real questions [Credit: Freeform]
Dot asks the real questions [Credit: Freeform]

When Shadowhunters first premiered last year, Dot was introduced as the close family friend of the Frays and older sister figure to Clary. When Dot was captured by Valentine, Clary spent an entire episode looking for her, before assuming she was dead, as Magnus could no longer feel her magic. Season 2, however, changed all that.

It was revealed that poor old Dot was alive (barely), being held captive by Valentine, and experimented on by him. This is why Magnus could no longer feel her magic — it was barely there. Sadly, the gang stopped looking for her back in Season 1, and although she helped Clary and Jace escape Valentine's boat this season, she did also help perpetuate the myth that Jace could destroy the Soul Sword, which leads me to believe she can't be trusted. Having been under Valentine's thumb this entire time, even sticking up for him at one point, could the once-sweet Warlock actually be on Team Valentine? She said she only ever lied to Clary under the influence of Valentine's experiments, but in the Winter Finale, confessed that she knew Jace could destroy the Soul Sword by touching it. Though Valentine may have purposefully had her overhear this information for his own gain, there's also a very high chance that Dot is simply loyal to Valentine now, and aiding in his plans. It makes her character all the more interesting going into Season 2B, especially as she recovers and possibly regains her abilities again.

3. Can The Clave Actually Hold Valentine?

Valentine's ruthlessness extends to his followers [Credit: Freeform]
Valentine's ruthlessness extends to his followers [Credit: Freeform]

Now that The Clave finally have Valentine under lock and key, we have to ask: how long can they hold him? Lest we forget, this is a man who slaughtered the Silent Brothers at the City of Bones simply to rescue Jace. We can only imagine what he would do to free and save himself.

The show has never actually showed us what The Clave looks like, but it's important to note that Valentine may be able to amass some allies there. Iris — the Warlock who he initially had under his thumb after kidnapping little Madzie — is holed up at The Clave. It wouldn't surprise me if Valentine found a way to use her talents and skills as a Warlock to escape, using her love for Madzie as leverage.

4. What Happens To Madzie Now That Her Nana Is Completely Gone & Is She Still A Threat?

Madzie meets a fellow Warlock [Credit: Freeform]
Madzie meets a fellow Warlock [Credit: Freeform]

Iris' granddaughter Madzie turned out to be a real force to be reckoned with this season. A quiet and demure little girl, Madzie is actually far more intelligent and powerful than people give her credit for. Of course, Valentine saw this potential in her, and when he captured her, he managed to manipulate her into helping him, all to get her Nana (Iris) back.

As intelligent as little Madzie is, unfortunately Valentine did manage to manipulate her for quite some time, before Magnus eventually found and saved her. She was the Warlock responsible for tearing down the wards outside The Institute, eventually infiltrating and then taking down a hoard of Shadowhunters by suffocating or poisoning them with her gills. (Her Warlock mark!)

5. What Happens To Clace Now That Jace Know's They're Not Siblings?

Jace talks tactics with Alec [Credit]
Jace talks tactics with Alec [Credit]

We finally got the moment we'd been waiting for when Valentine revealed what we knew all along — Jace and Clary aren't siblings. When the pair first met, their chemistry was instant, and Jace felt a need to protect and help her at all costs. Though the pair shared two kisses in the first season — one in the present reality, and the other in the alternate dimension Meliorn sends Clary to — when it was revealed that they were "siblings," Clary seemed to immediately quash any lingering feelings she had for Jace.

Of course, this first half of Season 2 has seen her take things to the next level with her BFF-turned-boyfriend, Simon. This leaves Clace in a rut. When Jace finds out the news, his first thought is to tell Clary, but when he goes in search of her, he finds her sharing a rather joyous moment her Daywalking Vampire boyfriend Simon. Seeing his moment has passed, Jace trudges back inside The Institute, and the fate of Clace is left open until 2B premieres. He'll have to tell her eventually, and when he does, it'll be interesting to see her thought process, and how quickly those feelings she had for him in Season 1 return. Where Jace struggled with those feelings all season long, Clary seemed not to, so when she finds out the truth, there's bound to be some trouble in store for the love triangle that is Clary, Simon and Jace.

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