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The last two episodes of Shadowhunters saw BFFs Clary and Simon embark on a new relationship, as Simon finally found the courage to admit his feelings to her. He'd been in love with the red-haired beauty since Season 1, Episode 1, and though the two have always been super close, they've never been quite as close as they found themselves these last two episodes. From platonic BFF's to canoodling in Simon's canoe, Clary and Simon have most definitely taken their friendship to a whole new level. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the young stars behind Simon and Clary, Kat McNamara and Alberto Rosende, sat down and talked all things Climon, including where their burgeoning relationship is headed, and what's in store now that we know Valentine's plans for Clary! Here's what they revealed.

1. On 'Climon', And Clary & Simon's New-Found Love

Clary & Simon during much simpler times [Credit: Freeform]
Clary & Simon during much simpler times [Credit: Freeform]

Simon and Clary — two friends who have grown up together and were simultaneously thrown into the Shadow World together — have relied heavily upon each other through the entirety of Shadowhunters Seasons 1 and 2. They were both thrust into the Shadow World together, losing their families and any semblance of a normal life. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Kat spoke about Clary & Simon's evolving relationship, and the new path these two characters have started upon.

“I love the way that they’ve built their love story because Clary and Simon have grown up together and they know each other better than they know themselves, and now they’re both a part of this new world and beginning to find their way.”

One of the most important aspects of Clary and Simon’s relationship (and the reason behind why the two are so close) is their joint venture into the Shadow World. Simon’s transitioned into a Vampire at the same time that Clary found herself learning to become a Shadowhunter - it's an important aspect of how the two have grown both individually and together.

Clary & Simon have settled into life in the Shadow World [Credit: Freeform]
Clary & Simon have settled into life in the Shadow World [Credit: Freeform]

Rather than facing the challenges of their new lives alone, the two have always had each other to rely on, and have shown this numerous times as they routinely drop what they’re doing to help one another. Without each other, they may have had a much harder time adjusting to their new lives.

“They’re both changing. Clary is growing up. She’s beginning to fight her own battles; she’s maturing. And Simon is as well. Simon’s no longer the nerdy guy that we saw in episode 1. He’s becoming a vampire; he’s owning his powers; he’s starting to have a lot more confidence. And Clary is seeing this change in him… Everything that’s been happening in this world has been changing their relationship to a point now where they see each other in a different way and it’s perfect timing. They say all things happen for a reason, and Clary and Simon are a result of that natural progression.” – Katherine McNamara for Entertainment Weekly.

2. On Simon Finally Admitting His Feelings For Clary

Simon finally admits how he feels [Credit: Freeform]
Simon finally admits how he feels [Credit: Freeform]

Simon finally admitting his feelings for Clary was a big moment in episode 8 of Shadowhunters' second season. Though he babbled his way through his declaration of love for her, something clearly worked, as Clary sealed the deal with a kiss, and they officially became an item. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alberto talked about how Simon’s newfound relationship with Clary is one of Simon’s “biggest dreams”.

“For Simon, that’s always been one of his dreams. There was a moment at the end of episode 13 of Season 1 where Simon says to Clary, ‘I love you.’ They’d just captured Hodge. That was where the spark kind of happened. She said it back but it wasn’t as solidified as a ‘friendship love’ as it had been. That was the first time that it might’ve been something more.”

3. Kat McNamara On Shooting Clary & Simon’s First Kiss

Like Malec, the moment these two characters finally came together was a huge moment on the show, and getting it just right was crucial. Whilst Malec’s kiss was a very public affair (both in the books and on screen), Climon’s kiss was much more intimate and private, with the two sharing the moment alone. In their interview, Kat talked about what it was like shooting the two characters' first kiss.

“When we shot that initially, Alberto and I had so much fun. We kept putting the kiss in different places in the scene and surprising each other. We loved shooting that scene. But actually, we ended up having to reshoot the scene completely for a technical reason and we were devastated, because we’d put everything into the scene and it was so fresh and so fun. I don’t know what it was but whatever we had been shooting since then, the things we’d talked about, our experience shooting the first scene, it had informed our work so much more that going back into it, the scene had completely shifted, but in the best way possible. The scene changed and it had more depth and different nuances, and I feel like it made the scene even better. So that’s the version that made it into the episode.”

4. Alberto Rosende On What’s In Store For Climon Now

“One of the strange things about this relationship is how comfortable it already is. They know each other. Simon always kind of treated Clary like a best friend but like a girlfriend in a sense of taking care of her and opening the door for her and just being a gentleman. It’s getting to know someone that you’ve known forever in a new way.”

In the clip above for Season 2 Episode 9, it's clear that although they're embarking on a new path, Climon are clearly still very comfortable with one another. Whilst they're getting to see one another in a different light (and not just because Simon can no longer go out during the day!), their relationship and friendship are also changing, as they've both almost fully settled into this world they were thrust into. For Kat, she believes Clary always had feelings deep down for Simon, and when asked about Climon's relationship, had this to say.

"[A potential relationship] could ruin the relationship and she could lose him forever. So it was always something that she didn’t acknowledge. But now that they’ve both changed and their relationship has changed and they’re a part of this new world and they’ve been leaning so heavily on each other in this new way, she’s seeing him with fresh eyes."

5. Valentine Could Use Clary To Activate The Soul Sword And Eliminate All Downworlders — Now What?

Clary finds out she can activate the soul sword [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
Clary finds out she can activate the soul sword [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

Of course one of the biggest revelations of Episode 8 is the fact that Clary has pure angel blood running through her veins. By that merit, Valentine could use her to activate the Soul Sword and kill all downworlders, putting not only Simon at risk, but characters like Luke, Magnus, Maia and many, many more. Throughout this, Simon will remain Clary's rock, and where she loses strength and hope, she can instead find those in Simon.

"We’re finding out that Clary is the key that can destroy everything, and Clary is determined to not let that happen. When she’s losing hope, Simon is there to give her that boost that she needs. And that’s part of why she loves him. That’s part of why their relationship is so beautiful because they are each other’s strength. When one is weak, the other is strong. It’s that symbiotic relationship that carries them through all of these horrific situations.” - Kat

"One thing I love about him is his ability to continue to look on the bright side of things. The cup’s always half full. Simon really does want to cherish any moment he has with her.” - Alberto

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Though Simon and Clary seem to be experiencing their happy ever after at the moment, it's important to note that the Shadow World is due for an upheaval. Sebastian Verlac is due to join the show in the second half of this season, and Will Tudor — the actor playing him — has already been spotted with almost the entire cast as they film Season 2b. With his upcoming arrival — and Valentine's insistence on doing everything he can to support his cause — things can only get worse from here. You can check out the rest of Kat and Alberto's interview on Entertainment Weekly and to make sure you never miss a moment, be sure to tune into Shadowhunters tonight and on Monday's on Freeform at 8/7c and on Tuesday's on Netflix for us international fans!


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