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Freeform's Young Adult fantasy show based on the novels by Cassandra Clare, Shadowhunters, hits our screens with its second season on January 2nd 2017. Whilst we eagerly and impatiently await its premiere, we have a host of brand spanking new character posters to ogle at!

With the Shadow World at war, and the entire Shadowhunters universe in peril, it makes sense that the Season 2 posters have taken on a slightly darker tone. We know from interviews with the new Executive Producers that props, costumes and sets have been amplified for the new season, with all new Seraph Blades (that look a little less like Lightsabers and more like the blades we know from the book!) among the first of the many changes.

1. Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa)

Rawr. [Credit: Freeform]
Rawr. [Credit: Freeform]

Isaiah Mustafa who plays close and personal family friend to the Frays and head of the Wolf Pack, Luke Garroway, is the first of the cast to get a brand spanking new poster and those wolf eyes of his are doing ALL the talking!

2. Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia)


Talk about fierce! Not to be outdone, resident beauty and all round QUEEN, Emeraude Toubia is the next to have her official poster revealed as Izzy for Season 2! You asked for slay and you got it - check out the beautifully lethal Shadowhunter below!

The Lightwoods are a good looking bunch, there's no denying that. Whilst brother / sister duo Izzy and Alec are holding it down on the dark-haired beauty side of the Shadow World, blonde bombshell and adoptive brother Jace is not to be outdone. Check out Dom Sherwood's dark and brooding stare for Jace's offical Season 2 poster!

3. Jace Wayland (Dom Sherwood)

Blonde's have more camera clearly ;) [Credit: Freeform]
Blonde's have more camera clearly ;) [Credit: Freeform]

Pretty boy Jace will kick off the all new, all darker Season with a pretty heart-wrenching story arc, as he continues to be loyal to Valentine. We know there's big things in store for Jace and once he can stop staring philosophically into the distance looking ALL kinds of swoon-worthy, we'll be able to see him conquer his demons as he finds his place in the Shadow World.

4. Clary Fray (Kat McNamara)

Clary Fray is back stronger and fiercer than ever in her poster for Season 2! She's got her runes on full display and a gorgeous mane of red hair on show, as she looks more ready than ever before for a world at war! What's interesting to note about Clary's poster, is that so far she's the only character to be facing towards her right as opposed to her left. It's easy to think that's an insignificant detail, but with every other character very obviously and clearly facing towards their left, it begs the question: Where does Clary stand come Season 2?

5. Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende)

If you had any doubt that these Season 2 posters would be anything less than badass, then look no further than Simon's! Former mundie turned Vampire, Simon, has completely upped the stakes with his poster for Season 2. He's lost the glasses and goofy grin, and replaced them with an enchanting smoulder and vicious fangs, all set for that January 2nd release date!

6. Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr)

All hail the cat-eyed High Warlock of Brooklyn! Magnus' poster for Season 2 gives us a rare look at his infamous cat eyes. Dressed in finery and with a smouldering stare to rival Simon's, Magnus' poster is the latest to be released by Freeform in preparation for Season 2. He's rocking a little less glitter than we're used to, but we can attribute that to the arsty black and white theme of the posters!

Full Cast Promo Pic!

In the run up to the Season 2 premiere, we also have our first look at the entire cast in the first full promo shot, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly! Darker, more broody and with tons more leather, these are the Shadowhunters we know and love from the books! See the cast slay and pout below!

Image Credit: Justin Stephens/Freeform / Entertainment Weekly
Image Credit: Justin Stephens/Freeform / Entertainment Weekly

I think the lads are really competing for best pout here, aren't they? Interesting things to note about this — Izzy is significantly more covered up than she was during the first season. We know she loves her fashion, and that's something directly carried over from the books, but could the darker, altogether more serious nature of Season 2, mean a different Izzy? It's also worth noting how well Simon's taking to his edgier new Vampire wardrobe! Gone are the checked shirts and faded jeans of mundie Simon, and in are dark jeans, a badass leather jacket and of course, no glasses!

Clary's also gone for a slightly more sophisticated and all-together older look for Season 2. In the books, Clary initially borrowed a ton of clothes from Isabelle, settling on a style that fell somewhere between her previous comfy and casual attire, and Izzy's provocative yet practical wear. Season 2 seems set to show her gearing up in Shadowhunter leather and immerses herself fully in the Shadow World.

Season 2 Changes

Speaking to EW about the much-anticipated second Season, new Showrunner Todd Slavkin talked about the all new look of the show, and the aspects they'd be changing / amending moving from Season 1 to 2.

"[Season 2 will be] cooler, visual-effect wise."

He also went on to talk about the focus on interpersonal relationships this Season, and bringing it down to the connections that these characters have ultimately built with one another.

We’re character guys. We wrote Smallville for many years and the thrill of that for us was the character and the growth and the relationships between the people. If anything, in Season 2, we’re leaning more into that. Of course there’s missions and of course there’s hunting, but the yearning, the longing, the triangles, the relationships is what really turns us on.

Stay tuned for the reveal of five more awesome posters as Freeform release a slew of brand new brooding character posters from now right up until December 5th!

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Shadowhunters' second Season will hit screens January 2nd in the U.S, and presumably a day later on Netflix for the rest of the world! Be sure to stay tuned to this post for the reveal of the remaining posters, and of course if you're as big a fan of the show as me, then head on over to the People's Choice Awards and get to voting! Shadowhunters is nominated in the category of 'Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/ Fantasy TV Show', so let's make sure it wins!

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