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In last week's Shadowhunters, Jace and Clary became closer than ever whilst Jace found out his true lineage as a Herondale. Sebastian also made quite a bit of progress with Clary after helping her gain back her angel-blooded rune abilities.

Following the carnage that Azazeal left last week, you'd think the Shadow-world would have somewhat of a reprieve, but unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case in Episode 13. With Shadowhunter bodies showing up all over town, torn to pieces and with their runes literally sliced off, the gang had yet another mass murderer on the hands.

Of course, this feisty group of young Shadowhunters and Downworlders have quite a bit going on in their personal lives too, so keep reading to see the top 3 things we learned in Season 2, Episode 13!

1. Jace Adjusts To Life As A Herondale

Jace cried for the first time in the Season 2B premiere when Valentine finally revealed that he wasn't Jace's dad, and that Clary wasn't his sister. The loss of yet another family seemed to hit him pretty hard, as he was consoled on the rooftop by BFF, brother and parabatai, Alec. At the end of last week's episode, we saw Jace's newly-discovered grandmother, Inquisitor Herondale, give him a family heirloom, and inform him that he was about to see what it really meant to live life as a Herondale.

Her first step in showing Jace what it means to be a member of Shadowhunter royalty, was to controversially appoint him as head of The Institute — taking the title and job away from Alec and the Lightwoods. Naturally, Jace was adamant that the job should be Alec's, but Inquisitor Herondale was pretty stubborn about wanting a Herondale at the head of The Institute, and thus Jace received the biggest promotion of his life.

Unfortunately for Jace, leadership doesn't quite come naturally to him. Jace has said himself that he's a soldier not a leader, and under his and his grandmother's joint commands, Simon was locked up in The Institute for refusing to leave Clary's side after she was attacked. Jace's bad decisions didn't stop there though, as he later prompts Maia to attack him and another Shadowhunter at Hunters Moon. He arrives with plans to microchip Maia and the other Downworlders like dogs. Maia then ends up being locked up when she's found walking home from work after another Shadowhunter has been attacked.

Though it takes him an entire episode, Jace eventually sees the error in his ways, and takes steps to right his wrongs. He frees Simon, de-chips Maia and of course, makes his first solo decision as head of The Institute to appoint Alec in his place. It's the little things that count, and showing the (largely homophobic) Clave that Alec is more than fit to lead, is an important step for everyone. Bravo, Jace!

2. Maia And Jace Are Totally Hooking Up

We've seen Maia and Jace go from arguing to fighting and back again since Maia's debut on the show. Jace has been rubbing her the wrong way the entire time he's known her, constantly provoking violent reactions out of her, and yet, there was always something else lurking beneath their hate.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

This episode really highlighted their growing love / hate relationship and chemistry as you can never quite tell if the pair want to kill each other or...well, you know. When Jace came to microchip Maia with a tracking implant like a puppy, she had no qualms about throwing a few punches and flashing those werewolf eyes of hers. Unfortunately, Jace's colleague managed to stick her in the back of the neck with the implant as she was fighting Jace. Later on, Jace comes to reconcile with her, and removes the chip before actually apologising to her. She tells him angrily, that the only reason he went along with the microchipping of Downworlders, is because he's still in love with Clary — who was attacked, causing him to worry.

Jace tells Maia he's completely over Clary, and when she tells him to prove it, he makes a snap decision to kiss her. Of course, Maia isn't a soppy, romantic kind of gal, and immediately pushes him off, before shoving him into a wall and taking complete control. Although I ship the absolute hell out of these two, I never thought the show would go there. Though this is bound to annoy some Clace fans, these characters are entitled to have other relationships on the way to their endgame ones. Rock on Maia and Jace!

3. Simon Follows His Heart - And It Gets Him In Trouble

Since Simon's debut on the show, we've known him as a character to always follow his heart and his instinct. Whilst that seems to have worked out for him for the most part, it did end up having its repercussions this week. With a killer on the loose, murdering Shadowhunters and slicing off their runes, Clary inadvertently found herself in danger this week, when she chose to walk home alone from Simon's. On the way, Clary was drugged and kidnapped, and although Simon managed to save her before the killing started, when he arrived at The Institute with her, he was told to leave.

Per Inquisitor Herondale's orders, there was a temporary curfew for Downworlders in The Insitute, and though Simon wasn't offically a suspect, he was told to leave. When Simon refused, being adamant that he was going to stay until Clary woke up and he knew she was okay, Simon was forcibly taken and locked up in the same room that Valentine had been held in.

It wasn't all bad news for Simon though, as shortly after that, Clary revealed that she'd got his band, Rock Solid Panda, a gig at Hunters Moon for the evening. Though Rock Solid Panda is no more, (he hasn't exactly had time for mundanes lately), Simon did manage to overcome any anxiety he had, and performed solo to a huge crowd of Downworlders that had come out to support him.

Next week's episode takes us back to the Seelie's as they visit the Seelie Queen (played by Sarah Hyland, the voice is a dead giveaway), and the infamous kiss scene from the books takes place. We'll also see a little more of Sebastian, as Izzy continues to confide in him. To make sure you never miss a moment, be sure to tune into Shadowhunters Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform, and Tuesdays on for us international fans!

What did you think of this week's episode of Shadowhunters? Let me know in the comments!

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