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When Shadowhunter bodies began dropping like flies in last week's episode, it seemed evident that a Downworlder uprising was on the horizon. After Maia and Jace came to blows, Jace had to prove that his every decision wasn't made with Clary in mind, and thus, Maia and Jace hooked up.

Alec, the newly appointed head of The Institute, kicked off this week's with a pretty important message for Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike. The unoffical Downworld Council that we'd seen in past episodes became a one-of-a-kind council tasked with the official negotiations between Downworlders and Shadowhunters this week. With Magnus, Luke, Raphael, Meliorn and Alec present, the first official meeting took place at The Institute with newbie transfer, Sebastian, appointed as head of security.

Sebastian and Alec handle business. 'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
Sebastian and Alec handle business. 'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

In an adjacent realm, Clary, Jace and Simon visited the Seelie homeland to meet with the Seelie Queen. Tasked with questioning her about last week's murderer — who was a Seelie — Clary, Simon and Jace instead found their awkward love triangle the topic of interest. The Seelie Queen made sure to put Simon and Clary's love to the test, in a scene pulled directly from the pages of the best-selling series the show is based on.

Of course, as is usual in the world of Shadowhunters, there was a ton more going on in this episode than meetings and negotiations. Keep reading to see the top 3 things we learned in Episode 14 of Shadowhunters.

1. Luke's Partner Is Still Investigating Him

In the summer premiere of Shadowhunters, we learned that not only was Luke losing his pack, but he was also being investigated by his odd new partner. We saw her snap pics of Luke's conversation with Maia in Episode 11 — clearly documenting his every move. This week saw her follow Luke to the Jade Wolf, using a terribly spun cover story of needing his help with some paperwork, before photographing the area and meeting up with her girlfriend to strategise.

Over coffee, Luke's new partner and her girlfriend began to sift through pictures she'd taken of the Jade Wolf and surrounding area, before coming across a picture of what she strongly believes to be a wolf. Of course, pictures can be doctored and edited, but considering Luke's partner took the pictures herself, there'd be no reason for her to doubt her findings. Places like The Institute and Hotel DuMort are glamoured to mundanes (humans), so they never quite see the full picture. But whether you're a Shadowhunter, Downworlder or Mundane, if you go digging - especially in this world - you're bound to find something. Right now Luke's partner is just a little too close to the truth for comfort, and distracted by the issues of the Shadow World, Luke has no idea.

2. Clary, Jace and Simon Meet The Seelie Queen - And It Doesn't Go According To Plan

Let's all just collectively get over the fact that the Seelie Queen was not played by Sarah Hyland as we all expected. Done? Good, now on to the important stuff.

This week, Alec put Clary and Jace on a mission to visit the Seelie realm because the Queen had a weird fascination with the two Shadowhunters she believed to be Valentine's "weird experiments" and refused to talk to anyone else. Simon being Simon, insisted he tag along as "extra back up", resulting in an awkard love triangle road-trip.

Whilst there, the Seelie Queen - described as having the outward appearance of an angel, and personality of a demon - prepared a meal for the trio before attempting to bring Simon over to her side. The Seelie Queen insisted that Shadowhunters would always pick their own over Downworlders, and proved this shortly after when she tested Clary, Simon and Jace. Trapping Simon and Jace in vines that would continously tighten and squeeze the life out of them until death, The Seelie Queen allowed Clary to save both by kissing the one she desires most.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

Naturally, Clary runs towards to her boyfriend - Simon - only to kiss him and see the vines tighten around both Jace and Simon's necks. Clary turns to the Seelie Queen in earnest, only to have the Queen smile at her and remind her of the task at hand. To kiss the one she most desires. Reluctantly, Clary makes her way over to Jace, telling him that this means nothing before kissing him way longer than necessary. You can see the moment the vines retreated to the ground, only to see Simon look on in pain as Clary momentarily forgets herself and continues to kiss Jace.

Clary and Simon had been playing happy, healthy relationship up until this point, completely ignoring the feelings Clary had for Jace, and Simon for both Maia and Izzy. Though harsh, the situation at the Seelie Court forces the two to properly address their feelings for one another, and those around them. Let's hope they can remain friends at the end of it all.

3. Sebastian Slowly Works His Charm Into The Shadowhunters

So far, Sebastian has managed to build quite a friendship and rapport with Izzy, as well as being of significant help to Clary in honing her angel-blooded abilities. This week, Sebastian took his time to bond with the guys in the group - Jace and Alec - the latter of whom was initially very skeptical of him. Walking in on Jace playing the piano, Sebastian used his signature tactic to rope Jace in. First, he appeared merely intrigued in what Jace was doing, then he complimented - a lot, like he has done with Izzy and Clary - finally he ended with "genuine" interest, asking Jace who taught him to play.

Later in the episode, we see Sebastian take his duties as head of security oh so seriously, when he finds out that Luke has been communicating with an unknown source about getting into Valentine's cell. With plans to kill Valentine, Luke makes a deal with his unknown accomplice using a burner phone, and manages to get inside Valentine's cell. It's revealed after Sebastian alerts Alec to the situation, that Luke's unknown accomplice was in fact Sebastian, as we see him sitting beside a smashed up burner phone.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

The episode ends with Sebastian responding to the continous knocks from the prisoner he's keeping in his closest. The scene was super dark, so it was almost impossible to make out a face, but the working theory among many fans - I'd stop reading here if you just watch the show and don't want spoilers -

is that this is the real Sebastian. In the books, Jonathan Morgernstern - Valentine's real son - killed Sebastian Verlac and took on his identity.

Whether or not the show is following the above storyline, we likely won't know for some time, but with a similar looking build and head of hair, it doesn't seem completely implausible.

For reasons unknown we'll have to wait until July 10th for the next episode of Shadowhunters, but it sure as hell looks as heartbreaking as ever. Magnus appears to be revealing painful memories from his past to Alec, and of course Simon and Clary are on the rocks as Simon goes down a destructive path. You can catch Shadowhunters next on Freeform at 8/7c on Monday July 10th, and on Tuesday July 11th on Netflix for us international fans!

Which Shadowhunter couple are you rooting for? Clary + Jace = Clace? or Clary + Simon = Climon? Let me know in the comments!

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