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The Shadow World has been slowly falling apart ever since Jace accidentally activated the Soul Sword in the mid-season finale of Shadowhunters, and that doesn't look set to change. Last week, we saw Papa Lightwood reveal to Alec that The Clave had been sitting on a pretty big secret surrounding the whereabouts of the Soul Sword. Alec swore to keep the information to himself, but in this week's episode we saw Alec unfortunately experience the repercussions of that decision with Malec. The decision to keep the information a secret, led to a rift between the two as Magnus began to doubt whether or not Alec trusted him as much as he said he did.

Relationship drama aside, Episode 17 of was quite the event, as the gang moved closer and closer to finding out who the real Jonathan is. Keep reading to see the top 3 things we learned in this week's Shadowhunters.

1. Max Knows Who The Real Jonathan Is

For those of you who may not remember, Max is the younger Lightwood sibling, whose Rune ceremony we saw way back at the beginning of the season. This episode saw older siblings Izzy and Alec fight over whether Max was ready to be out in the field, as little Max found himself eavesdropping on conversations around The Institute.

Listening in on Alec's conversation with Clary and Jace, Max learns that Clary failed to track Jonathan using the jewellery box of Jonathan's things that her mother had kept. We later see Max telling Izzy that he's the best tracker, and at the end of the episode he proves his worth when he manages to track Jonathan using a single hair strand.

As young and naive as he is, Max ends up confronting Jonathan in Alec's office as Jonathan rifles around, clearly looking for something. Unfortunately for us, we'll have to wait until next week's episode to find out how things go down with Jonathan and Max — but if it's anything like the book, we know it won't be good.

2. Magnus And Alec Are At Odds: Could This Be The Start Of A Downworlder Uprising?

Last week, Alec found out that The Clave had no idea where the Soul Sword was, and had never retrieved it after Jace captured Valentine. As the head of The Institute, Alec made the decision to keep the information to himself - specifically making a point of not revealing the info to any Downwordlers. Unfortunately, keeping the information away from Downworlders meant keeping secrets from boyfriend, Magnus, and that didn't go down too well.

When Magnus and Luke find out that The Clave have no idea where the Soul Sword is, Magnus declares that has to tell Alec immediatedly. To his surprise, Luke tells him to be careful, warning him that as the head of The Institute, Alec probably already knew. When Magnus confronts him, Alec confesses to knowing about the secret. He attempts to reason with an increasingly angry Magnus, telling him that he really hasn't known for that long. Sadly, Magnus can't past the fact that Alec lied to his face, and the two end their conversation on a low note. In his conversation with Luke, Magnus also expresses an understanding of the Seelie Queen's sentiments about Shadowhunters being no different from The Clave. The Seelie Queen — recently announced as being played by Sarah Hyland — is the most powerful Downworlder, and hasn't been quiet about her feelings on Shadowhunters and The Clave. After Magnus discovers Alec's betrayal, he expresses a degree of support for the Queen's sentiments.

Though the relationship itself is new to Alec, both he and Magnus have been through quite a bit during the show's run, so here's hoping they can get through this.

3. Clary and Jace Have Found The Third Mortal Instrument

Episode 17 saw Jonathan and Valentine team up on a quest to find the Mortal Mirror — the third and final mortal instrument. Valentine's hatred of Downworlders reared its ugly head again, as the pair found themselves tracking down Warlocks with a special mark that led to the location of the Mortal Mirror. Their escapades eventually led to the death of one Warlock, as he killed himself using an incantation before both Valentine and Jonathan could torture its location out of him.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform]

Clary and Jace then arrive at the scene of the crime only to have Jonathan show up as Sebastian, literally minutes after trying to kidnap the now-dead Warlock with Valentine. Jonathan (Sebastian) then tries and fails to work his way in to their conversation, as Jace vows to kill Jonathan to protect Clary if necessary. Later, at The Institute, when Clary and Jace report their findings to Alec, he makes it clear to Jonathan (Sebastian) that they don't need his help, and they've got it covered.

Jonathan then steals a hair tie from Clary after making a move on her, kissing her and vowing to always be there for her, before tracking her and Jace on their hunt for the Mortal Mirror. When Clary and Jace enlist the help of Dot to find the Mortal Mirror, Jonathan crashes the party, arriving in his true (stronger) form to attack Jace and attempt to steal the Mortal Mirror. Clary ends up trying to reason with Jonathan, before Dot attacks him, portalling Jace, Clary and the Mortal Mirror to safety and essentially sacrificing herself. Again.

As we get closer to the Season Finale, things seem to really be taking a turn for the worse, as next week's promo shows Clary ready to kill Jonathan rather than save him. There's also a ton of beautfiul and intimate Malec moments which we can all look forward to.

To make sure you never miss a moment, tune in to Shadowhunters Monday's at 8/7c on Freeform, and Tuesdays on Netflix for us international fans!

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