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Last week's Shadowhunters was a tense forty minutes, as Malec found themselves at odds, and Jonathan and Clary finally came face-to-face. This week's episode really upped the drama, as we saw Jonathan and Valentine race against the clock — and half of New York — to get to the Mortal Mirror.

Duplicate Mortal Instruments aside, we got to see a lot more Clace, as Sarah Hyland finally made her debut as the Seelie Queen. Keep reading to see everything we learned in this week's .

Jace And Jonathan Battle To The Death - But Is Jonathan Really Dead?

Jonathan Morgernstern has been a pain in everyone’s side since his debut on the show, and this week’s episode was no different. Working under the guidance of Valentine, Jonathan (Clary's brother) has been on the hunt for the Mortal Mirror. Jonathan’s acted more like Valentine’s pawn than his equal, and since his cover was blown last week in his battle with Clary, he's been losing the already weak grip he had on his sanity.

This week’s episode wrapped up several storylines as, together, the gang battled Valentine and Jonathan. In an emergency meeting with the Downworld Council, the Seelie Queen spoke on behalf of the Downworld, essentially telling the Clave — by way of Alec — that they did not have the Downworld's support. This tense situation led to Izzy, Alec, Clary and Jace working alone without their Downworld friends and significant others. Together, Clary and Jace manage to track down Jonathan, and they head to his location with Izzy and Alec. When they arrive, they’re greeted by Forsaken — turned by Valentine and instructed to protect Jonathan. The gang fight a brave battle, but this eventually leads to Jonathan capturing Jace. The two fight, and when Jonathan punctures Jace’s lung, it begins to look as though the demon-blooded son of Valentine may win.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

Izzy then arrives, and with her help, Jace manages to defeat Jonathan, stabbing him in the back and through the heart. Jace then kicks Jonathan's body into the water, with Jonathan's blood staining the water around him. The scene is meant to essentially show that Jonathan is well and truly dead, but with his demon-blood and various other abilities, it's hard to believe that's the actual case. We know that Jonathan is weakened when in his disguise as Sebastian, and considering that Jace "killed" him when he was disguised, it's safe to assume that this isn't the end of Jonathan's story. A character with such potential isn't likely to be killed off so soon, so here's hoping we see his adorable, villainous face on our screens again next week.

The Seelie Queen Wants War — And She Doesn't Care How It Happens

Shadowhunters' Seelie Queen first appeared in Episode 14 played by child actress Lola Flannery. Since then, we learned that Sarah Hyland had been cast as an older-looking, less approachable Seelie Queen, and this week marked her official debut on the show. After speaking on behalf of the Downworld at a Council Meeting with Alec and co. the Seelie Queen also had a private meeting with Simon, during which she found herself angered at Simon. His lack of respect for her authority, and his turning her down for a second time did not go down well with the Queen.

Simon does so, after coming to the realisation that the Seelie Queen doen't want peace. This is proven later on in the episode when we see the Seelie Queen in a confrontation with Valentine. Though she is initially hostile towards him, the Queen's entire mood changes when Valentine tells her that he has something she wants. She then asks him to take a walk with her, and the two essentially trot off into the night together. In true Shadowhunters fashion, it's not clear what exactly Valentine offered her, but there are a few possibilities. Her number one goal has always been to protect her people and if joining the enemy (a.k.a Valentine and any of his followers) helps keep her people safe, it would make sense for the two to join forces. After all, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Especially when you're on the brink of war.

Jace & Clary Get Close

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

Unlike Malec, whose relationship progressed fairly quickly since first meeting, Clace have really been taking their sweet time with theirs. They've been ignoring any lingering feelings for one another since Season 1, as well as ignoring that kiss at the Seelie Court. However, Clary put her best foot forward this week, taking a step in the right direction when she appealed to Jace for his help. Using their angel-blooded abilities, Clary and Jace attempted to track Jonathan through his connection to Clary.

Their plan worked, and it also provided Clace with the perfect opportunity to return to their Season 1 flirty ways. Clary wasted no time in essentially ripping Jace's shirt off looking for a clear patch of skin on which to draw a Rune. Like, girl, there was space all up and down both of his arms. You're fooling no one, Fray.

'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]
'Shadowhunters' [Credit: Freeform, Netflix]

The two then shared multiple tender moments in a montage of softly lit shots as their Runes and angel-blood got to work tracking Jonathan. Thankfully, the tender moments they shared didn't go to waste, as Clary finally admitted her feelings for Jace. Well, sort of. Whilst neither she nor Jace really said the words, Clary did admit that she was tired of being afraid, and that she had been terrified for Jace's life during his battle with Jonathan. The two then share a fairly chaste kiss, after Jace admits he feels the same. It looks as though we've still got a long way to go with Clace, but hey, at least they're getting there.

Next week is the Summer Finale of , and though this week's episode wasn't too hectic, things are set to get much more chaotic. We know that someone will die next week — a main character probably — and to top it off, there's also a rift in the city, which will allow it to become overrun with demons. Add to that Valentine's pact with The Seelie Queen, the odds seem stacked against the gang, but here's hoping they all pull through one way or another.

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