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Shadowhunters Season 2 has got off to a pretty exciting start, and as we near the end of Season 2A, the cast have been doing a lot of talking! Everyone's fave Shadowhunter / Warlock pairing Magnus & Alec have tackled a lot of firsts in their relationship in Season 2; we recently saw the pair decide to take their relationship to the next level, and finally have sex. Though Magnus had admitted to having a whopping 17,000 sexual partners in his 300 odd years of life, Alec found himself unbothered by the number, and more than happy to take this next step with Magnus.

In an interview with TV Insider, Matthew Daddario — the dark-haired heartthrob behind the character of Alec — revealed all about Magnus and Alec's relationship as well as brother sister duo, Alec & Izzy. He also spoke more importantly about Alec’s character growth as an individual this season.

1. On Alec And Magnus Taking Things To The Next Step

Alec and Magnus take their relationship to the next step [Credit: Freeform]
Alec and Magnus take their relationship to the next step [Credit: Freeform]

Season 1 ended with Alec bravely and proudly coming out to his friends and family, as he shared a heart-wrenching kiss with Magnus shortly after leaving Lydia at the aisle. Though this act solidified Alec’s feelings for Magnus to both audiences and characters within the show, the kiss was simply the beginning. In Season 2, we see a much more united front from the pair, as they finally embark on quite a few firsts, after stealing the show with their first kiss back in Season 1.

In Episode 6, the pair finally set off on their first date, with Magnus taking Alec over to Hunters Moon — a Werewolf bar and popular hangout this season. Whilst there, the two share drinks, play a little pool, and most importantly, finally have the dreaded exes talk. When it is revealed that Magnus has had 17, 000 sexual partners, initially Alec seems a little intimidated, but according to Daddario, it might actually have been one of the deciding factors in Alec deciding to take things to the next level.

“You can’t be upset about it, you can’t be jealous about it. However, it’s really hard to think that way, especially when there’s 17,000 of them, so let’s also look at the fact that Alec doesn’t want to be not good at certain things and there were 17,000 before him so maybe that influences his decision. Although it’s possible that he’s doing that, it initially runs through his head. Ultimately, Alec is a twenty-something year-old guy who’s been closed-off for quite some time. Honestly, I think that he’s been thinking about this for years. He wants this.”

2. On Alec Being A Virgin – Just How Innocent Is He?

Alec finds out about Magnus's past [Credit: Freeform]
Alec finds out about Magnus's past [Credit: Freeform]

Since the beginning of the show, it's been made fairly clearly to us that Alec is a fairly repressed character, both emotionally and sexually. Whilst his past relationships were never explicitly explored in the first season, it was made clear that Alec had little to no experience in that area. Though the word 'virgin' is never explicitly used to describe him, Magnus does label him as innocent, something which star Matt Daddario believes is an inaccurate description of the character.

“We wanted to explore this area with this kind of a person. A person who hasn’t had anything in the past and it’s sort of realistic. I’ve always thought of Alec…anything sexual that he’s ever thought about, he’s pushed out of the way very quickly…the discussion of virginity, personally, I don’t find so interesting. It’s a big step, the first time, but honestly it’s a bigger step all the other times as you go along. It’s just one part of the process…Alex has killed things, a lots of things if you think about it. From that perspective it’s not like he’s an innocent child. He’s far from it. I wouldn’t say he’s naïve, he’s just closed-off. So, virginal doesn’t really seem to describe Alec to me.”

3. On Alec Not Realising Izzy Needs Him, And Her Secret Yin-Fen Addiction

Izzy goes to dangerous lengths in search of Yin-Fen [Credit: Freeform]
Izzy goes to dangerous lengths in search of Yin-Fen [Credit: Freeform]

One of the larger plot points of Season 2 is Izzy’s addiction to Yin-Fen — a deadly substance which in the show is made from Vampire Venom. Izzy — a normally very strong character, both emotionally and physically — has had a hard time lately, after Aldertee prescribed her the addictive substance. Her addiction has continued to worsen by the episode, and last episode saw her approach a Vampire clan in need of their bite. When Raphael comes to save her, she eventually ropes him into biting her – a dangerous move on both their parts, as Shadowhunter blood is much more addictive than human blood.

Speaking to TV Insider about it, Daddario described Alec’s cluelessness about what his sister Izzy is going through as “one of Alec’s biggest failings”. Alec, having been so caught up this season with his new burgeoning relationship with Magnus, has been slightly remiss in his duties as a big brother to Izzy, and has completely failed to see when she’s in need.

“Alec has always been focusing on work and all the Shadowhunting and all that. Normally, he would have found out all this immediately but he’s caught up in something new which is this relationship. Now, is that a bad thing? No, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing that he’s doing this but he’s finally doing this. But he has to be able to balance these two things: the world of his work and the world of his relationship. The second half of this season we’re gonna be dealing with that issue of balancing that work and life and his failing to recognize his sister’s issue is part of the reason he feels this need to dedicate himself to his work.”

The promo for Episode 9 shows Alec throw a hell of a punch at Raphael after arguing with Magnus, so I think it's safe to say he's finally caught on to Izzy's addiction, and he's defo not happy about it. Though they’ve done a good job at developing the romantic relationships so far, especially Malec's, Sebastian’s debut in Season 2B is sure to stir some things up as the hunt for Valentine gets ever more important. Let’s hope the focus will shift a little, as the all-new, all-darker Season 2 of Shadowhunters continues! If you’d like to see the rest of Matt’s interview about Season 2, you can do so on TV Insider, and of course be sure to tune in to Shadowhunters tonight on Freeform at 8/7c, and tomorrow on Netflix for us international fans!

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