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In the run up to the Season 2 premiere of Freeform's young adult fantasy series, Shadowhunters, we've been lucky enough to see a ton of new footage, and a slew of cool posters. Keeping in tone with that, MTV have an exclusive look at not one, not two, but seven all new photos from Season 2! Check out your favorite Shadowhunters and Downworlders in these exclusive pics from Season 2!

1. Clary Fray (Kat McNamara)

Clary's got a pretty badass new look this season, and looks more fierce than ever as she prepares to tackle her new life as a fully-fledged Shadowhunter. Whilst she's not as experienced as the rest of the gang, she now has every opportunity to learn. It'll be interesting to see where her character arc goes in Season 2!

2. Jace Wayland (Dom Sherwood)

Every promo we've seen so far has showed us a very troubled Jace, and whilst the rest of the gang look pretty fierce in their posters, Jace almost looks a little sullen. He'll have a few personal and literal demons to overcome in the second season, but let's hope he pulls through!

3. Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario)

Alec's been at odds with his mother Maryse and Warlock Magnus in recent promos for the second Season, and whilst his posters are just as badass as the rest, his signature sombre look is more prevalant than ever. He looks pretty moody in the majority of his posters, and with Jace in turmoil and The Institute on lockdown, it looks like Alec's going to have to fight a few demons this season too.

4. Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia)

Izzy manages to slay in all her posters and promos, but interestingly enough, this is the only one in which she looks somewhat happy. With the all new darker tone of Season 2, Izzy not only has a lot to teach Clary, but a lot to do in the way of saving Jace. She'll find herself at odds with new head to The Institute Victor Aldertree as he threatens to de-rune her if she goes after Jace, so let's hope Izzy stays strong this Season.

5. Magnus Bane (Harry Shum Jr)

Magnus has been pretty busy helping the gang out in the newest promos, and making it clear to love interest Alec, that he won't put Alec's life in danger to save anyone. The pair seem to be at odds in their chosen methods (presumably to save Jace), and whilst us fans are hoping for a completely united front from the pair, we may not get that immediately. It's likely the two are going to go through some pretty rough ups and downs this Season, but let's hope they end on a positive! (We all know their endgame in the books anyway, thank god!)

6. Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende)

In almost every single promo released so far we have seen Simon trying and failing to conquer his abilities. Despite that, he has what is arguably the most badass poster of the bunch so far. Whilst Jace’s inner turmoil might not affect Simon as much as it affects the rest of the gang, his actions in aiding Valentine definitely affect Simon, especially as a new Downworlder. He’ll have to learn to conquer his abilities if he wants to be of significant help this Season, so let’s hope he manages to do that.

7. Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa)

We didn’t get to see as much of Luke in Season 1 as we probably would’ve liked, considering he’s main cast, but we did get to see him become the new leader of the Pack. With the Shadow World in peril, an Alpha Werewolf will definitely come in handy. His posters so far have placed a real emphasis on his werewolf eyes and with the information that Season 2 will be darker than the first, perhaps we can expect Luke to be in Wolf form (or at the very least Wolf mode) for a significant portion of Season 2. There was also a lot of chemistry between Luke and Jocelyn at the end of Season 1 when she finally woke up from her self-induced slumber so let’s hope that amidst all the fighting, torture and pain of Season 2, Luke and Jocelyn find some solace in one another.

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Image Credit: Freeform.
Image Credit: Freeform.

The new Season is shaping up to be miles ahead of the first in terms of both storyline and quality. With all new weapons, sets, and improved SFX work, it's obvious that there's been a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make Season 2 the best and most badass it can be! We've seen the cast training day in and day out for the all-new, all-improved stunts, and with the focus of this Season reportedly being "character-driven", it looks like we can expect a pretty hard-hitting second Season.

Shadowhunters Season 2 will return on January 2nd at 8 pm on Freeform and on January 3rd on Netflix.

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