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Freeform's has been dropping promos and sneak peeks in the run up to Season 2. In preparation for the highly anticipated second season, we're going to take a leisurely stroll through the promos and sneak peeks, to find out what's really going on!

1. Magnus Bane To The Rescue - Downworlder Feuds

Last season saw Clary make the tough decision to "save" Simon, by choosing to have him complete the transition into becoming a Vampire. Former Mundie Simon now finds himself a downworlder in a world he knows very little about, and with his lack of knowledge, conflict is bound to follow. The most recent promo shows Magnus breaking up a confrontation between Raphael (the leader of the Vampire Clan in Camille's absence) and Simon. Now, there's not nearly enough glitz and glam for that to be Magnus' place, so we can assume it's one of two places...


Where Do You Think Raphael and Simon Are Fighting?

Raphael & Simon have a bit of a love / hate relationship, given that Raphael kidnapped him, but then also saved him later on. Whether they're fighting for real or just arguing remains to be seen. One thing that's important to note is that Simon holds no rank with the Vampires, which could possibly explain why Magnus involves himself. Whatever they're arguing about, let's hope our baby Vamp is being careful.

2. What Exactly Is Valentine Making Jace Do?

It's pretty obvious from the promos and sneak peeks that Jace is going to go through hell this season. One of the most interesting tidbits from the recent promos can be found in the voiceover. We hear Jace say "Downworlders will never change", a prejudice he's not really shown before, and one he's going to have to get over, considering adoptive brother Alec is currently dating one. What follows is a line from Valentine which isn't completely decipherable if I'm honest, and could be one of three things...


What Do You Think Valentine Says?

If it's the first option, this could possibly mean Valentine has Jace hunting Downworlders because they "never change". Though you have to ask yourself to what end, considering he has an army and with The Mortal Cup, can control demons. If it's the second option, rather than Jace hunting them on Valentine's orders, it could be more of a Jace losing control kind of situation, which, given that Valentine is trying to "break" Jace, is just as bad as the first option.

Meet Maia - Young Werewolf
Meet Maia - Young Werewolf

Option 3 introduces us to new character Maia — a werewolf who is possibly set to join Luke's pack. When Jace says "Downworlders will never change", the promo cuts straight to a shot of Maia and her closed fist looking as though she's about to do something bad. Could Maia possibly do something that inadvertly affects Jace and causes his newfound bitterness towards Downworlders?

In the books, Maia is essentially a troubled young werewolf with a painful family history. She rattles from one pack to the next struggling to find her place in the world. It'll be interesting to see how her character is introduced to the gang. My guess is Jace stumbles upon her during his bar fight at the werewolf bar from the books.

3. Valentine's Trying To Break Jace — Will It Work?

We saw a little bit of it in the first season when Valentine disguised himself as Jace's dad, but Season 2 will feature a hell of a lot of testing for Jace. Though he ran off with Valentine at the end of Season 1, believing himself to be just like Valentine and doubting his own humanity, there are still remnants of "old Jace" in there somewhere. In order to have him fully on his side, Valentine will do everything in his power to drag Jace down to his level and break him. Once he's accomplished that, it's likely Jace will think himself exactly like Valentine, and won't hesitate to do his bidding.

Of course that's only if Valentine succeeds. Izzy seems to have faith in Jace being "tough", so let's hope Valentine's attempts are unsuccessful.

4. Jace Is Everyone's Last Hope — Can He Save Them?

Clary seems to think that Jace is their last hope, and the only one who can "stop them" — and, by extension, save them. Of course, from the initial trailer we know that the Shadow World is officially "at war", and we've seen Valentine, Jace and their Shadowhunter army. The threat is huge, but having Jace following after Valentine could actually help the gang more than they think.

If Jace can manage not to allow Valentine to break him, he may be the only link between the good guys (so like every other Shadowhunter not connected to Valentine) and the bad guys (every one of Valentine's loyal followers and extremists). In the promo, Jace moves to attack Clary saying he's sick of the "mind games". There's a lot of speculation about what that means, but my guess is that in his torture of Jace, Valentine is probably using Clary's image as a way to hurt and break him. When Clary eventually catches up to him, naturally Jace is skeptical, because there's a very real chance that it might not be really her.

Lest we forget, this is a world in which anyone can be disguised. Lydia entered Season 1 in the guise of Valentine, in order to test the security of The Institute. Valentine disguised himself as Jace's dad, and we've seen Clary disguise The Mortal Cup in order to stop Valentine getting it. Nothing is at it seems here.

5. Baby Vamp Simon Is Trying To Find His Place In The Downworld

One thing that nearly all the promos and sneak peeks have in common so far, is that they all show Simon trying hard to be a good Vampire. We know he's new at this, so he's going to have to do a bit of practicing, in much the same way that Clary is going to have to practice being a Shadowhunter. We've seen him try the Vampire's encanto mind-control thing in previous trailers and fail (bless him), but in the newest promos he's back at it and trying again. Whether or not he's successful this time is unclear, but let's hope he gets the hang of it soon. In a world at war, that can be a very useful skill.

6. Izzy Is Mentoring Clary — In More Than Just Killer Fighting Skills

We already know from Season 1 that Izzy is a badass when it comes to fighting. We also know that the frivolous rivalry between her and Clary from the books is thankfully not a part of the show. I've said before that it'd be lovely to see the girls bond even more, and now that Clary is ready to be a fully fledged Shadowhunter, who better to teach her than expert fighter, Isabelle Lightwood?

What's cool about the recent promos and this sneak peak in which Isabelle trains Clary, is that it's obvious she's teaching her a little more than just combat. The Institute is under the ever-watchful eye of Victor Aldertree (we'll get to him in a bit), and in his own words it is on "lock-down". In the clip, whilst the two girls appear to be having a pretty normal sparring session, you'll notice that the girls are actually having an entirely separate conversation under the guise of the fighting about how they can save Jace. It's safe to assume that "lock-down" means no one leaves without permission, and naturally defiant Clary is probably having a few problems sticking to that. Isabelle, having done this her entire life, is teaching Clary not only how to fight, but how to slip under the radar. In her poignant line at the end of the sneak peek, she tells Clary that in order to know your enemy, you must become your enemy. In other words, think like they would.

7. Malec Are Having Problems, And We're All Terribly Upset About It

We all remember the penultimate episode of Season 1, tentatively entitled "Malec". How could we not? It gave us the most beautifully orchestrated moment of perfection we'd seen all season. The scene in question resulted in Alec leaving Lydia at the aisle to walk purposefully over to Magnus, and give him what I imagine is the best kiss he's had in over 300 years.

Despite the tender moment shared between the two, with the Shadow World at war, Season 2 looks set to bring them all the way down from cloud nine, and smack bang into reality. In the newest promo for the second season, Alec and Magnus are having problems in light of Jace's troubles. Alec and Jace being parabatai, it's no surprise he wants to do everything he can to save Jace - even at the expense of his own safety, something Magnus just isn't willing to accept. What follows is the most tense and painful 30 seconds of a Shadowhunters / Mortal Instruments fan's life, as Malec's relationship appears to be on the rocks. It's unclear what exactly Alec wanted Magnus to do, but the High Warlock of Brookyln made it more than clear, that if it puts Alec's life in danger, he won't do it.


The promo ends with Alec desperately asking Magnus "What do you want from me?" to which Magnus replies, "At the moment, nothing," - and then of course there's a montage of fans crying their eyes out.

8. The Institute's Under New Leadership - Meet Victor Aldertree

Newly-jilted bride and all-round badass Lydia Branwell is no longer head of The Institute. The stern blonde, who came onto the show as an envoy from The Clave to take over control from the Lightwood's, has been demoted. Victor Aldertree — the new envoy from The Clave — has stepped up to the plate. The suave British Shadowhunter now holds complete control over the Institute, putting it on full lock-down, and assuming all duties previously held by Lydia.

It's not yet clear what kind of a character Aldertree will be, but his presence will no doubt add to rising tensions between Lydia and Mama Lightwood, as she says herself in the promo that Maryse (Mama Lightwood) went over her head to instate new leadership. In true Maryse fashion, she almost takes pleasure in announcing that The Clave deemed Lydia's leadership, "wholly ineffectual". Ouch.

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So that's it! Everything the promos and sneak peeks so far have told us about Season 2. Be sure to binge-watch the first season if you've not already seen it!

Shadowhunters returns January 2nd on Freeform!


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