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Television Series is returning to our screens on January 2nd 2017, and we just got a heap of new information. Most importantly, the official trailer for Season 2 dropped today, and in true fangirl fashion, I'm going to break down some key moments you may have overlooked!

If you haven't seen the explosive trailer yet, check it out below:

1. "We Are At War"

After the events of Season 1, it should come as no surprise that things in the Shadow World have been completely shaken up. Last season ended with Jace leaving the gang and running off with Valentine and The Mortal Cup.

For those who have forgotten, The Mortal Cup has the ability to not only control Demons, but to create new Shadowhunters. Of course, not everyone is able to survive that process, and those unfortunate mundies who drink from The Mortal Cup won't make the transformation and will die — its power is too strong for their mundie bodies to handle.

With his army behind him, his son by his side and The Mortal Cup at his disposal, Valentine has put the entire Shadow World in peril, and it's up to the Shadowhunters tasked with protecting it to tackle this new threat and eliminate it completely.

2. Jace - Tortured and Troubled

We left Jace in a pretty perilous place last season, believing his true nature to be evil like his father. The Season 2 trailer doesn't seem to be giving Jace a break, as we get quite a few glimpses of him with Valentine, and f***ing shit up.

We also got a look at the bar scene which comes straight from the first few pages of City of Ashes (the second book). In the books, Jace has been exhiled from The Institute and wanders into a bar, only to find himself in the company of Werewolves, which ends in a pretty mean brawl. He's 'saved' by Luke — the leader of the pack, who in the books convinces Jace to eventually come back to The Institute. The show, which takes elements from all the books and doesn't necessarily flow in chronological order, might shake things up a little with this scene. Regardless, it's obvious that the mentally tortured Jace from the books will definitely be gracing our screens for Season 2.

3. Alec Vs Maryse - Jace Was Never A Stray

One of the biggest and most noteworthy moments of the new trailer is Alec's conversation with his mother, Maryse. Known for being incredibly stern and stubborn, Maryse seemingly wants to treat Jace as a fugitive, whilst Alec pleads with her not to. She hastens to remind Alec that Jace isn't his blood, to which Alec replies that he's more than that.

Fans of the books and / or Season 1 will be well aware of the pair's Parabatai bond: a bond stronger than family that allows two Shadowhunters to fight together in complete unison. Last season, disagreements on how best to handle the Clary situation strained their Parabatai bond, weakening it when they both needed it most. Though they appeared to be taking the necessary steps to repair the bond, Jace's abandoning of Alec and allegiance with Valentine is sure to put an even bigger strain on that bond.

With Maryse appearing hellbent on either killing Jace or condemning him as much as Valentine, the events of Season 2 are likely to put an even bigger strain on their bond. Like before, certain events from the second book were sped up and included in Season 1, so where this is heading now is anyone's guess.

4. Clary Vs Jocelyn - You Think You Understand This World, But You Don't.

Alec isn't the only one having Mama drama in Season 2, as Clary joins the long list of young people in this show with parental issues. The trailer shows Clary telling her Mum that she need not protect her any more. This is something Mama Fray doesn't seem willing to stop doing; she essentially tells Clary that she knows nothing about this world, as Clary appears to rebel against her mother and her opinions. Of course, we all know whose fault it is that Clary knows nothing of the Shadow World, and weirdly enough it doesn't seem like Mama Fray is willing to rectify that anytime soon.

In the trailer, Clary utters the words, "I heard Valentine was the monster, but you..." and lets her sentence mysteriously trail off, as the seed of doubt about Mama Fray is officially planted. We already know she's incredibly skilled at keeping secrets, and there's no doubt there's a hell of lot we don't know about her. In my previous post about things we'd like to see in Season 2, I mentioned some Mother-Daughter Shadowhunter training, though with their relationship on the rocks, it doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon.

5. Izzy & Clary - Shadowhunter Training

One thing I'm glad to see make it into the trailer is a little girl power / Shadowhunter training between Clary and Izzy. In the books, these two ladies are frenemies of sorts, with Clary seeing the gorgeous and lethal Isabelle as more of a threat than a friend. In the show, however, the girls have bonded quite a bit. With Clary now in position to be a fully fledged Shadowhunter, it's nice to see that someone's (not looking at you Mama Fray!) taking the time to properly train her.

Given the above shot in the trailer where Clary looks a little worse for wear, I think she could definitely do with learning some badass moves from expert fighter Izzy. At the very least, learning some Shadowhunter badassery would add to all the sass and determination that comes with being Clary Fray.

6. Malec - Don't Push Me Away

The first look images for Season 2 gave us an overload of to fangirl over, but in the trailer, the pair seem to be going through somewhat of a rocky patch. Their new-found relationship is going to take time to develop, and with the Shadow World literally at War right now, do-gooder Alec is going to be under a lot of pressure. Magnus reminds Alec not to push him away, and although Alec left envoy-from-the-Clave, Lydia, at the alter for Magnus, not pushing him away during this time may be the hardest challenge he's faced yet.

In the books, Malec are Canon, so there's no worrying about whether or not these two will end up together. Despite this, there's no telling what rocky roads they'll have to traverse first, and Season 2 looks set to explore these challenges in their burgeoning relationship.

7. Clace - What Are These Two Up To?

One of the most explosive moments of the new trailer comes courtesy of the last few seconds of footage shown. Clary and Jace — having been shown previously arguing in what looks to be the same scene — now find themselves jumping off a dock and into the river. There's no telling what episode this may be from, and for all we know could be a scene from the end of the Season.

Are they running from Valentine? Into a portal? Away from the clave? Not much is shown, but seeing them jump in a river suggests they're trying to avoid a pretty big threat. Maybe even one more serious than Valentine?

Whatever they're running from, this Season certainly looks explosive!

Desperate for more Shadowhunters? Check out what's new in the Shadow World below...

Shadowhunters returns January 2nd on Freeform — after this trailer, that wait feels even longer!


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