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' Skyfall had the exact opposite effect of that suffocating paint in Goldfinger. It breathed new life into the $5 billion franchise, creating a riveting thriller worthy of two little gold men at this year's Oscars.

We've learned won't direct Bond 24, but there's still been tons of speculation as to who will take over, who will be the next villain, and how 's character will evolve. At this point, we want to wear Bond's signature polarizing sunglasses to see through the Spectre rumors, but we can't.

Therefore, in the interest of fairness (and fun), we might as well contribute. I've picked four directors that will probably get overlooked for the gig. I've also included a brief summary of what their Bond movie might look like.

Be warned: This article in no way endorses the opinions of anybody attached to the Bond franchise or anybody else working at Moviepilot. Thank you for your attention and enjoy the show.

Ben Wheatley

Whose he?

The up-and-coming indie director characterized by black humor interspersed with moments of extreme violence in movies like Down Terrace and Kill List. His recent movie, Sightseers, saw a newly-in-love couple go on a murderous rampage through the English countryside.

Bond 24: A View to a Killer

portrays an elderly and down-on-his-luck Bond struggling to come to terms with his retirement and murderous past. surprises everyone by returning to the series as M. Bond blames her for turning him into a heartless killing machine. He decides to take her out in a final act of vengeance. After crushing her head under the wheel of his Aston Martin, Bond uncovers a hidden document revealing that "M" stands for "Mother" and that he is in fact her son. In a fit of rage/irony, Bond takes his own life by jumping from the top of MI6 headquarters.

A View to a Killer becomes the lowest grossing Bond of all time, but critics laud it as a masterpiece.

Matthew Vaughn

Whose he?

The husband of German supermodel Claudia Schiffer and director of the excellent Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class. Vaughn was also responsible for helping land the Bond gig when he cast him in the British gangster movie Layer Cake.

Bond 24: Bond Begins

plays a young, brash and arrogant Bond. He's a high school drop out and orphan. After enlisting into the army to try and find some direction in life, Bond excels in marksmanship and bravery, although he has a run-in with a local warlord after being caught in bed with his daughter, wife, maid, and auntie. Recruited by MI6, Bond's first mission on graduation requires him to take down a former classmate-turned-criminal mastermind, Dr. Julius No.

Steve McQueen

Whose he?

The uncompromising writer/director unafraid to explore the darker side of human nature. His debut movie Hunger focused on the infamous imprisoned Irish republican Bobby Sands, who led his inmates on a hunger strike. His follow up feature, Shame, explored the world of sex addiction.

Bond 24: Soulfall

plays a seemingly suave and sophisticated James Bond. However, underneath his confident exterior lurks a man ravaged by years of alcohol and substance abuse developed from a life in the field. Finally realizing that copious amounts of violence and meaningless sex is not the path to personal satisfaction, Bond throws himself headfirst into one last mission: To overcome the demons that live in his soul.

Those demons are played by .

Kathryn Bigelow

Whose She?

The way hot Oscar-winning director of the Hurt Locker and maker of testosterone-rich classics Point Break and K-19: The Widowmaker. She recently received widespread critical acclaim for Zero Dark Thirty, a movie about a woman writing numbers on a glass door.

Bond 24: A Quantum of Controversy

Bigelow becomes the first American to take the helm of a Bond movie and controversially casts in the lead role. The movie is 90-minutes of balls-to-the-wall action that leaves the audience and critics divided. Many complain that it condones sexism/alcholism/Britishness. Bigelow wins a second Oscar for best director, despite stiff competition from Mel Gibson's career reviving film, Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This.



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