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James Bond has been a cultural icon for decades. He's come in many shapes and sizes (literally). However, his character has always remained pretty much the same throughout the years. He's a badass secret agent with a license to kill and women to seduce.

You might claim to be the biggest James Bond fan in the world (or perhaps you've never even seen a James Bond movie and just enjoy taking quizzes, we don't discriminate), but can you make it through ten tough questions about the Queen's best agent? Namely, questions that ask you to remember exactly what James Bond said in various situations. You have to get the answer word for word, but don't worry, most of the questions will offer you hints and if you truly know the personality of 007, you will have no problem acing this test. If you manage to get the majority of these questions correct, you'll even earn an honorary License To Kill all to yourself.

(Disclaimer: We here at Movie Pilot do not have the authorization to allow anyone to kill anybody else. Please don't.)


1. What kind of drink does Bond most enjoy?

Every Bond fan should know that a martini is best served shaken, not stirred. If you didn't get it, don't feel too bad: In You Only Live Twice Bond is offered a shaken, not stirred martini and in Casino Royale, when offered the choice between the two, Bond snaps, "Do I look like I give a damn?!?"


2. What does James Bond claim to do for a living in 'Thunderball'?

Bond has had to lie several times to cover up his true identity as 007. Yet, in Thunderball, James Bond (played by Sean Connery) claims to be a "licensed troubleshooter" which, if you think about it, isn't really a lie.


3. After electrocuting a henchmen in 'Goldfinger', Bond quips...

Sean Connery is at it again with his wonderfully witty comments. Sure, any of the options above would've been pretty fun but the way in which Bond nonchalantly faces death is a little bit unnerving.


4. According to Bond in "The Spy Who Loved Me", why did he misjudge Stromberg?

Curt Jurgens was phenomenal as the Bond villain Karl Stromberg. In fact, he was so great that Bond (portrayed by Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me) was so impressed that he had to give credit where credit is due. Anyone who drinks Dom Perignon '52 (has it ever occurred to Bond that he perhaps has a drinking problem?) can't be entirely evil.


5. In 'The Man With The Golden Gun', what is Bond's excuse for not recognizing Miss Anders?

This quote is a true classic! Yet you probably didn't realize how hard it was to remember the exact wording, right? Or maybe you remember it perfectly. James Bond, again played by Roger Moore, made sure we all remembered that the secret agent has sex. A lot. So much that he can't even recognize women with clothes on.


6. What does Bond tell Elektra King his family motto is?

This might have been pretty easy for you, seeing as the quote is also the title of the movie itself, The World Is Not Enough. The other options, of course, were titles of other movies in the Bond franchise and the English Royal Family's motto. Pierce Brosnan had many memorable quotes during his 11-year stint as the famous James Bond, but this one really stands out.


7. What does Bond claim the world will know about La Chiffre?

This, uh, rather descriptive quote shows off Bond's ability to joke even when under extreme stress. The man was literally being whipped where it hurts the most and still was able to think of this clever phrase. Whether you think Daniel Craig should continue to portray the character or not, this quote from Casino Royale clearly shows why he made such a huge impact.


8. In 'Diamonds Are Forever', what is Bond's excuse for being in the sewer?

Personally, this is one of my favorite quotes on the list. It's funny, it's clever, and it just screams James Bond. Sean Connery clearly knew what it took to make Bond memorable (as he has more quotes included in this quiz than any other actor) and he never failed to disappoint (which isn't surprising given he was the first one to play the British secret agent).


9. Upon meeting Pussy Galore in 'Goldfinger', what does Bond say?

Sean Connery's fourth and final inclusion in this quiz. It might be surprising that this kind of scene was allowed to play out in the 1960s (Goldfinger came out in 1964), but at least we know Bond's humor didn't change much between then and Casino Royale (2006).


10. Upon being told that "the Island is exclusively for women, no men allowed" by Vijay in 'Octopussy', what is Bond's reply?

You didn't think this quiz would be too easy, did you? The exact wording of this famous scene from Octopussy can escape even the most die-hard fans of James Bond. However, the line delivered by Roger Moore perfectly captures what type of man Bond really is (you know the callous, sexist secret agent that for some reason we still love.)

You did it! You survived one of the most difficult James Bond quote quizzes you'll ever take! You might have stumbled your way through, shouted at your computer screen in frustration, and gotten irritated that you couldn't remember what Bond had said, but at least you made it through the whole thing and that's something to be proud of. Only one question remains:


Did you earn your...


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