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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 7 of Showtime's Shameless.

Shameless is definitely having one of it's better seasons this year with its much earlier than usual seventh outing. The storylines are as wacky as ever as Frank replaces his family with a group of homeless. Although the comedy is in full flow, there has also been a lot of self-betterment this season with Carl enrolling at military school, Fiona taking control of her life and Ian learning more about sexuality. Season 7 has certainly went back to basics.

With the majority of the Gallaghers now living under one roof, the struggles still continue for America's most shameless family and it's certainly still entertaining to watch. There was a lot happening in this week's installment as Frank's reign of the homeless shelter came to an end and Carl embarked on a new chapter as he left for Military school. Let's take a look at several under the radar things from Season 7, Episode 2 "The Defenestration of Frank."

1. History Is Repeating Itself...

Oh Frank. [via Showtime]
Oh Frank. [via Showtime]

We're used to seeing Frank getting kicked out of the house but it's always been the Gallagher family doing the kicking. This time around, Frank's new family of worked out that he was keeping most of the profits they made and in an act of revenge, they threw him out of the upstairs window, injuring the absentee father. I can't say I blame them really.

After seven year's Frank still falls into the same patterns, making the same mistakes time and again. Considering all of the times he found himself out on the streets you'd think he would have learned his lesson by now — clearly nor. It looks like Frank just lost another family — I wonder what ludicrous journey he will embark on next?

2. ...In More Ways Than One

Like father, like...son? [via Showtime]
Like father, like...son? [via Showtime]

I've commented on Lip's downfall before but there was one scene in the latest episode where the similarities between him and Frank were rather disturbing. It was the scene where Lip and Joaquin decided to toast their hacking victory over a few beverages — that in itself is an issue because Lip shouldn't be drinking considering he's only just out of rehab.

Before taking a drink, Lip went on a rant about how his hacking was doing the world a favor as it would help in taking down a corporate company. He then bought everybody in the Alibi a drink. This is oddly similar to the way Frank often plays to the crowd of the Alibi and it certainly marks another terrifying chapter in Lip Gallagher's descent. Frank would be proud.

3. Warring Siblings (Again)

Who's side are you on? [via Showtime]
Who's side are you on? [via Showtime]

Fiona and Lip have been at each other's throats more times than I care to count but the animosity between the pair in the latest episode was off the chart. The healthy sibling rivalry that began with the Season 7 premiere has found itself turning into a full blown disagreement and Fiona can't deal with Lip's lack of appreciation for her continuous sacrifices.

Whether or not we'll find them on the same page again this season remains to be seen but their on/off again relationship is extremely realistic —brothers and sisters disagree in real life all the time — it happens — and I think it's rather awesome that Shameless isn't afraid to show that on a regular basis.

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4. We've Been Here Before

Haven't we been here before? [via Showtime]
Haven't we been here before? [via Showtime]

It's rather ironic that after all the genuine hard work that Frank did for his new family, he winds up back on the street again. This time, an injured Frank found himself sleeping on a damp park bench and as much as I hate to say it, I actually felt a little sorry for him.

Nevertheless, there's no denying that we've seen this scene a thousand times before, but will we see it again? I guess we'll have to see what Frank Gallagher has up his sleeve in the next few episodes. He won't be down for long.

5. It's Not All Fighting

The Gallaghers can get along once in a while. [via Showtime]
The Gallaghers can get along once in a while. [via Showtime]

Ever since the Gallagher siblings grew up they've embarked on their own storylines and that means that we see less and less of them in the same place at the same time. The scene in Fiona's bedroom was very nostalgic and reminded fans that even though Shameless has had to move in new directions, it's still capable of giving us heart-felt familial moments from TV's greatest family.

Fiona also felt more like her original self — this new self-improved Fiona has shown little regard for her siblings recently so I was happy to see that maternal element back in the show again. I really hope we see more moments like this throughout Season 7. They're nice rarities in the show considering everyone is currently fighting with each other.

6. Ian's Changing Views

Ian's storyline has been eye opening. [via Showtime]
Ian's storyline has been eye opening. [via Showtime]

Shameless has done a great job at educating viewers of the show about transgender issues but I think the most notable thing about Trevor's storyline on the show is that it's really changing the way that Ian sees the world. I loved that scene with Fiona, Ian and Lip discussing what was going on in each other's lives and Ian jumped to Trevor's defense when Lip made an uneducated remark about Trevor's gender.

I feel like this whole storyline has opened Ian up a lot more — it's helped him realize that there is a whole world beyond the South Side of Chicago. I applaud the Shameless writers for doing this storyline and I find Trevor to be a much better love interest for Ian than Caleb ever was.

7. How Much Do We Really Know About Svetlana?

Is there more to Svetlana than meets the eye? [via Showtime]
Is there more to Svetlana than meets the eye? [via Showtime]

Due to the brilliant Isidora Goreshter being made a series regular for Season 7 there has been plenty of screen time for Svetlana this season — she is one of the show's best characters. However, her storyline this week, mixed with some of the rather odd statements she's made in previous episodes, really got me thinking about the character and in reality how little we actually know about her.

There have been references about her homeland in the past, but the reality of the situation is that Svetlana is a pretty remarkable person to be so content and happy in life after such a tough upbringing. Her revelation about Yvon does raise eyebrows though, what else could she be hiding that we don't know about? Anything is possible and with a little luck it'll lead to a hell of a lot more brilliant one-liners.

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I hate to say this but we're officially half way through Season 7 of Shameless. We'll leave the in detail reflecting until the season culminates but so far the Showtime dramedy has done a great job at re-inventing itself and managing to stay original. With so much still to look forward to, including Fiona's new venture, Franks' next move and the return of everybody's favorite bad boy Mickey Milkovich, it looks like Shameless is going to get even better.

Shameless airs Sundays on Showtime. Did you notice anything important in the latest episode of Shameless? Tell me in the comment section below.


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